Filenames different than on pc

i need help !!!
i got many video’s that are not keeping the filename i want in my Quest 2 .
like for instant there is a movie called FemkeSaunaTeen.mp4 on my computer and on my quest 2 it is called and i can’t seem to correct the file name.
also does .mkv files won’t play back on SLR in my quest 2 .
someone got any info how to change all of that or get them perfectly renamed so my Quest 2 doesn’t have issues playing back the script file and movie together ?

Some players grab the filename listed in the meta data. I had the same issue and had to clear all that out. For the mkv videos try changing the extension to mp4.

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yeah but how do you change the meta data from the file ?

I’m on a PC. I go to the file properties, details tab and click on Remove Properties and Personal Information.

ok thx i will try that :slight_smile:

Thx it works perfectly :smiley:

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