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Filtering out scripts via tags and filtering scripts via view count

Hello. New here, but not seeing if this is even possible. I am assuming it isnt.

But, I feel a quality of life feature would be to add the ability to filter scripts by removing those that contain certain tags. Basically, the opposite of looking for a script with a specific tag. It would be omitting scripts with a certain tag. For example, I do not have VR, so I would not want to see VR tagged scripts.

Another feature would be to add a filter for views above or below a certain number. It is very slow to shuffle through scripts. Not to mention, the site has been kind of slow with the search and loading.

If these are already possible, my mistake. Let me know if I’m just missing how to do it.

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Advanced search contains that feature.
Klick the magnifying glass icon and press the icon to the right in the textbox that appear. In the search dialog that appears, expand “Filter by post count and topic views” down on the left.

Also, have a look at this thread. There is a link there that filter out non-VR threads along with all kinds of tips about filtering and searching.

Okay I see. You are referring to using the search feature at the top right of the site.
I am referring to the page here:

The advanced search feature also fails a lot of the time.

Yes it’s search you use for filtering. However, you can use this link that can be found in the How to filter topics… post I linked to above. The trick is to type -tags:tagname1,tagname2 etc. to remove posts that have tags that you don’t want. Unfortunately I don’t thing there is a user interface for it so you have to type it in the URL. Read more in the link in my previous post above.,hentai,animation,cgi,hmv,fap-hero,sfm,furry,animated,cartoon,futanari,loli,shota,cockhero,pmv,audio-based%20order:latest_topic

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yeah that’s a known problem.
our tiny little server is getting hammered by more and more people, but I guess that’s a good problem to have :cry:


Thank you. Appreciate it. I feel like though it should be a little more intuitive for new comers to not have to manually type in the URL. But, for now, I can use that.

ES use the open source forum platform Discourse (
Hopefully Discourse will get support (directly in the user interface) in the future for filters that exclude threads as well as include threads with the help of tags.

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