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How to filter topics to find what you are looking for


This guide is intended for people who are struglling with filtering post to find scripts with their favorite pornstars or tags. It might be also helpful when looking for help regarding scripting software or hardware.

Note: this tutorial only works for properly tagged content. This is why tagging your posts is really important. It’s possible that some scripts will be missing tags or have mislabeled tags thus this method won’t work.

Advanced search mode

To get access to advanced search mode simply type any word in the search bar and press enter or use this link:

By using advanced filter [1] you can search by:

If you want to exclude tags from the search you have to manually add -tags: query in the search bar [2]. After that you have to manually type the tags that you don’t want to see:

You can use different sorting options [3] to show for example only newest, most liked or most viewed topics.

Useful filters

I created some predefined filters that you can use to find scripts. All of those filters are sorted by topic creation date - this means that they will ignore posts bumped by editing or replies. This is very useful when you are looking for new scripts, but there are ongoing discussions bumping old posts. Note that those filters are working only with tagged content - posts that are not tagged or tagged improperly won’t show up. You can save these links as bookmarks and never worry about unwanted posts showing up ever again:

Remember that eroscripts has also #script-creator-portfolios and #script-creator-portfolios:archived-scripts-from-rts categories where scripts are not tagged. You might want to search without tags to get list of all scripts regarding your favorite pornstar or genre.


The only thing I’d add is that this relies on good tagging on scripts. It’s possible that some scripts will be missing tags or have mislabeled tags.

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