Finding videos with missing funscripts in a folder [Windows]

A few days ago I posted a few lines of batch script in the chat for listing videos with missing funscripts which seems to be useful to many of you. I thought it would be good to make a thread for it so we can move the discussion here and enable people to find it later. I made an improvement to the script as well. It now also outputs the files that are OK and supports sub-folders.


@echo off
for /R . %%F in (*.mp4) do (if exist "%%~pnF.funscript" (echo [OK] %%F))
for /R . %%F in (*.mp4) do (if not exist "%%~pnF.funscript" (echo [MISSING] %%F))


  1. Copy the script above
  2. Paste in notepad
  3. Save as a *.bat file to your funscript folder
  4. Run the script as you would a .exe

Example output:


Thank you! Any way to include subfolders? I tried to include /r in the first line like this but than it doesn’t show anything.

for /r %%F in (*.mp4) do (if exist “%%~nF.funscript” (echo [OK] %%F))

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Hey, you were on the right track, and good point! I’ve included support for subfolders in the original post.

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I appreciate the legwork on this so far. :slight_smile:
I modified it for my own use a little because;

  1. I don’t need a list of what is OK so I "rem"arked out that line
  2. Some files are not .mp4 but also .mkv, etc. so I added checking for those too.
@echo off
rem for /R . %%F in (*.m??) do (if exist "%%~pnF.funscript" (echo [OK] %%F))
for /R . %%F in (*.m??) do (if not exist "%%~pnF.funscript" (echo [MISSING] %%F))
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