First Time Poster!

Hey Everyone,

I just bought a Kiroo the other day and an Oculus Quest 2 and I started getting inspired and joined Eroscripts.

Thanks to your awesome tutorials, I was able to script my first video. Fun fact about me: I will still be jerking off with my hand because it just takes less time and by adding realistic blowjob movements/ sex movements, I’m now frustrated with pornstar’s inability to keep a consistent stroke, haha. . Anywho, had a few quick questions.

  1. I used OpenFunScripter but if I wanted to get a commission style job to do this for extra money, will this app work or should I learn another scripting application?

  2. Does everyone start their scenes at like 5 on the meter? Since starting at 0 is essentially your deep throat position and starting at 10 seems like it might be a little long in the start position.

  3. Do you find it’s better to over-exaggerate the movements slightly for tactile effect? Like, if it measures as a 4-0 stroke, placing an 8-0 stroke might have more effect. Or is accuracy like the “big” thing.

  4. Also, how do commissions usually work? Do they time out the “VR” section of the scene or do you get paid for the whole time of the scene?

Sorry if these are dumb questions. Work has slowed recently and I’m addicted to porn and this is the first time I thought I could do something like this.

I really hope I didn’t insult anyone on here or ruffle any feathers. I’m just a newbie who got inspired.

Thanks for reading.

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I’m by no means an expert, but I can provide some answers:

  1. There are basically two apps around - OpenFunScripter, and JoyFunScripter. There’s some uh…history involved in these apps, but the simplest answer is that they’re both very similar and if you’re comfortable with one, you’ll be able to use the other.

  2. In my experience most scripts start at 10, but there’s no rule about it or anything

  3. It’s entirely up to you! When I script, I tend to think about things from a more ‘perceptual’ point of view.

    For example, if there’s a handjob portion where she’s just stroking the very tip - it doesn’t feel great for the slider to be moving from like 90-100 and back, so I tend to make 70-100 my ‘minimum’ stroke length if it’s going on for more than a few seconds. If she does one really deep stroke to about 50% of the way along the shaft, I might take it down to 30 to really highlight how ‘deep’ that stroke was. Even if when she’s stroking more normally, I might be keeping the slider at around the 60-100 range.

    Just think about what you think would feel good and would highlight what’s going on in the video. It’s super subjective.

    One thing I’ve definitely learned is that in the ‘heat of the moment’ - little details like accuracy tend to get totally lost. So long as the slider moves up when it should, and down when it should, the specifics of where exactly it is tend to be far less important than whether it feels good or not. That’s just my opinion though :stuck_out_tongue:

  4. I’m not a paid scripter so I can’t say too much about this, but @Realcumber manages getting freelance scripters onboard for doing SexLikeReal scripts (you use JoyFunScripter for this), and several other VR studios pay freelance scripters to create work. You can also sell your scripts on

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@weemz JoyFunScripter can’t be used if you plan to do any paid work. The software license prohibits that. OpenFunScripter has no such restrictions if you want to sell your scripts.

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Thanks so much, def! This was extremely helpful! Thanks so much for the examples, it makes perfect sense. This helps a ton!!!

I’m hoping to maybe attempt a few scripts for extra pay. I work freelance and have a decent amount of time on my hands that I end up using to watch porn anyways. Might as well give it a shot.

Thanks again

Sentinel! That’s something absolutely didn’t know. Just breathed a sigh of relief that I practiced on OpenFun.

THank you!