First Time Scripting Woes

New to the scene so I figured I’d try my ahnd at scripting Taking one of the semi completed scripts, I had it about 95% done and then something happened and the majority of my edits were simply gone. Chalking it up to whatever, I started fresh on one of my all time favorite scenes. Just when I was started to feel great about the progress, bang it happened again, leaving my with about a minute of script, right where I was working. And even though I didn’t save it, it still managed to find it’s way into the saved file.

I’m using Funscripter 13.1. Any ideas of what may have happened? Kind of discouraged to keep going as I lost about 6 hours of work so far.

JoyFunScripter? Haven’t had any problems with that one crashing, but I have with the OpenFunScripter. I think I fixed the issue though by constantly saving and also pressing “S”, which syncs audio with video. Seemed to be the error was the sync started to get further and further away and then it seemingly just crashed. Not an expert, but that’s what I observed anyway.

Safe often, enable auto save in JFS, and try using FunExpander to change the video to iFrames. Makes scripting a whole lot easier (couldn’t tell you the technical reason LOL)

Have you read this thread yet?

It wasn’t crashing per se. I should have explained it better. I do not recall the exact sequence of events but I think I had hit the Delete button to remove an insert point but instead of removing the singular item, it removed a range of about 5-10 minutes of sequences. It happened twice but hasn’t happened since I posted. Maybe the system learned I started keeping a backup of the save file :slight_smile:

Either way my first script is done and I’m quite pleased.

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Ahh yes it took me a while to get use to this. No offense to JFS developer, but you could try OpenFunScripter? It’s the one I prefer. It’s kinda like JFS but I found the rendering is faster frame-by-frame and also it has an undo/redo history function. Very helpful using the common controls of Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y. Check it out!


Pressing “S” just syncs OFS time with the video player time it has nothing to do with video and audio going out of sync.
The reason I allow the video player and OFS to go out of sync is because script actions/points and their timestamps aren’t always perfectly aligned with frame times.
Ideally this going out of sync should never be greater than a fraction of a frame.
You shouldn’t ever have to press “S” to be honest. :thinking:

Thanks for everybody’s comments! I think Husky might have detailed the problem I hit. Good news is it hasn’t happened again and I’ve now completed a partial script soemone uploaded and finished one of my own. I’ll give OpenFunScritper a go as well, agreed an Undo button would be huge! Could have saved hours of work! lol

Again, thanks everybody!

Also, tried out OpenFunScripter. Totally see what you mean about the latency/refresh issue with the frames. I hadn’t noticed at as bad until you brought it up. Trying out OpenFunScripter now and that’s a lot crisper. The controls I’m still tying to sort through (like moving frame by frame) but otherwise, yeah I think my plot points are going to be more accurate here.

@magoo5289 So maybe I wasn’t clear in my opinion. I do currently use OFS and not JFS and I had a lot of crashes, but I liked the OFS software better so I just fought through it. I found out about the sync issue (which yes, nothing more than fractions of frames), but seemingly when I press the sync button when the red line starts to appear, I don’t have crashes. Now granted, I also just put a new motherboard in my computer because I found that the RAM was not working in dual channel because DIMM 3/4 were faulty (:nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd:) and OC’d the RAM/processor, so that might have given it the extra oomph for things not to crash.

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