Fixing DeoVR player UI update

On Tue we are having a meeting with DeoVR UI team to address concerns regarding recent player UI update.

It makes some progress organising things yet other things were better in the old UI. Let’s figure it out what absolutely has to be done to make it great for everyone.

The general logic is that player UI has to be really simple. Most of the features like tilt and zoom are better functional with controllers (make sure to check “Custom controllers” setup from Global UI settings). I also agree that with current design cit is not highlighted enough. Might be good to show controller combo for every setting in player UI. Also some quick tutorial on the first player launch might be not that bad idea.

The team is willing to fix what has been broken. It’s also true that some few extra elements like Oculus Home bottom panel are being implemented.


The possibility to have settings on the side is greatly missed. Alternative mode if normal don’t work and zoom level requires 6-7 clicks to reach and then get back to the main UI. The old UI had them either in the main UI or in the right hand setting panel, i.e. much more easily accessible and only require 1/3 of the clicks.


Completely agree


Completely agree with @sentinel

The old UI IMO had less clicking around to get to where I want which meant less time fiddling and more time enjoying content. The side panel is surely missed ever since the updated UI came in.


In addition, my main complaints about the new ui are:

Resetting the zoom and perspective is no longer one click.
The ui is too big and blocks a ton of the video when activated.