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Flag or mark broken pornhub/not-working linked videos?

Just browsing stuff on this site and realize that the pornhub purge from last month has basically screwed over a bunch of video content on this site, basically clouding up the scripts category with funscripts with no video. We should be able to report these posts to be marked so that they would be hidden from normal browsing. Maybe not particularly deleted, either; I find that someone is occasionally able to come by and provide a working video. Thoughts?

i’ve seen people just replying asking for a new video link. Do people think we need anything else on top of that?

I feel like for the amount of time it takes to make a post saying ‘hey the link is broken’, you could just paste the video name into google, find a working streaming link (so far every video I’ve tried this for has had a working source elsewhere) and post that instead :stuck_out_tongue:



This has been working well so far.

Someone will always be willing to host if not.