Flash Game - JSK - 18) Caring for a Moody Niece

Contains multiple sex scenes and endings.

:information_source: Details

Using the nice flash tool created by notSafeforDev (can be found here). this maps a funscript to each games’ animations.

The script takes around 5-10 seconds to fully load

I’ve provided a 100% save file if you wish to use that.

Made for theHandy

:memo: Install Instructions

:exclamation: Created using this version of the tool, it does NOT work with previous versions :exclamation:

Standalone Install Instructions:

  1. Download the full standalone package from the mega below.
  2. Run Flash-toy-sync-as3.exe, the game.swf should automatically be selected.
  3. Ensure that your Handy is in Wifi mode and that the connection key is entered into the program (or initface)
  4. Press Play

(The mega should already contain the required flash-sync program)

Save Install Instructions:

  1. Get the save file from the mega below.
  2. Start the game.swf once to create the initial save
  3. Navigate to C:\Users<your username>\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\<random letters>\localhost
  4. Replace the save file found, it’s either in base localhost or in a similar file structure to where you placed the game folder. (ie. If its in the Downloads folder, then you should see that same file-folder path structure in the localhost directory)

:file_folder: Script

Folder contains the game, the associated json, a 100% save, and the Flash Sync tool, it should run on its own.

:memo: Notes

You’ll notice that the translation and censor is half and half. I tried to get the best combination of translations versus censored, but know that AFAIK, there’s no completely translated version of this game. I’ll probably be slowing down on these as the holidays are coming up.

Edit: Found some missing animations during cum and a sleeping scene, will fix when I have the time
Edit2: Added missing cum animations, added missing sleeping scene, added missing swimsuit ending


I get “machine timeout” :slightly_frowning_face:

I haven’t been able to catch why that happens every so often, but it seems to happen less if you use initface instead. I’ve updated the flash-sync files so the initface option should be better.

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Unfortunately I get that with other software as well, though it’s pretty rare for me.

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Does initface work with the handy?

Yep, intiface works with theHandy as well. Not quite as smooth as with the API, but it should work pretty good with the latest beta version.

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I’m sorry for bothering, but hopefully you can help, I’ve tried connecting the handy but it wont detect it, is there a method to connect with wifi instead of bluetooth? or am I missing something?

No worries!

To connect it with wifi, you need to select theHandy API under Toy Connection Type. Then enter your connection key below theHandy Connection key.

It should look like this:


If you then select an animation, you should then see the text: “Preparing script for toy…” appear at the bottom, followed by: “Script successfully prepared” a few seconds later, if everything was done correctly.

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Oh my mistake I forgot to mention initface. How do I connect the handy with initface, I’ve tried starting a server to scan for devices but it does not detect the handy. But thanks for the help though!

Any chance of this tool working with OSR2 or other directly connected devices in the future?

It also supports intiface desktop, so if OSR works with intiface desktop, flash toy sync should work with it. Otherwise I will have to get one so I can look into implementing support for it. I’ll definitely have to get one to implement multiple axis, so it’s something I would like to to get to.

It is just a black screen when I try to do something.
How do I fix this?

I haven’t seen this issue before, does it happen when you start the maki.swf without using the tool? I added the flashplayer version I use to the mega in case that causes an odd issue.

please tell me how to get to the second stage or where I can read about it

Here’s the guide for all the JSK games, should link directly to the ending help.