[Flash Game] - JSK - 20) Cornered by a Cheeky Devil

Contains multiple sex scenes and endings.

:information_source: Details

Using the nice flash tool created by notSafeforDev (can be found here). this maps a funscript to each games’ animations.

The script takes around 5-10 seconds to fully load

Made for theHandy

:memo: Install Instructions

I generally recommend using initiface as it handles the faster animations a tad better.

Standalone Install Instructions:

  1. Download the full standalone package from the mega below.
  2. Run Flash-toy-sync-as3.exe, the game.swf should automatically be selected.
  3. Ensure that your Handy is in Wifi mode and that the connection key is entered into the program (or initface central)
  4. Press Play

(The mega should already contain the required flash-sync program)
Save Install Instructions:

  1. Get the save file from the mega below.
  2. Start the game.swf once to create the initial save
  3. Navigate to C:\Users<your username>\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\<random letters>\localhost
  4. Replace the save file found, it’s either in base localhost or in a similar file structure to where you placed the game folder. (ie. If its in the Downloads folder, then you should see that same file-folder path structure in the localhost directory)

:file_folder: Script

Folder contains the game, the associated json, the Flash Sync tool, and the intiface tool

:file_cabinet: Other

Did this one a long long time ago but it didn’t really work, redid it so it should be better, the strokes are pretty short, so I might have an extended stroke version later