Flat videos with scripts on SexLikeReal. Roll call for script creators

We start releasing more flat videos with scripts on top of converting all the VR videos to smartphone POV that work right from the smartphones and don’t require VR headset any more.

Things work in a manual mode while we are streamlining everything to fully integrate flat videos on SexLikeReal that would be on pars with VR content. We plan to greatly expand on smartphones and desktops. Also our web player will be working with Handy in a month straight from your browser and you don’t have to install any application.

I would love to invite script creators and users to our flat section. We are accepting scripts for a number of sites we can get videos immediately. We will be adding full libraries of most of flat studios once we accomplish flat videos integration.

Submit your script right away for these sites (tell us the video and we will get it for you)