Fleshlight Quickshot and Handy

So I recently got the Handy, as well as the soft sleeve they sell. I have used both the standard sleeve and soft sleeve and overall much prefer the soft one. I own a few normal fleshlights, and have found that I also prefer my softer textures overall more.

Now I have seen that the Quickshots work well with the Handy. I have tried using my fleshlights with it, and although I can get it to work somewhat, its pretty finicky.

So I have grown interested in trying out a Quickshot. I have been eyeballing the Vantage and the Riley Reid one, but I am not sure which one to pick (though ill probably end up with both later down the line lol.)

Any recommendations between the two?

I only own the Vantage, which gives an excellent expierence for handjob-type script, but the regular handy sleeve is better for penetration/blowjob-simulation. Id suggest getting the Riley Reid one if youd like to get the penetration sensation, since it is based on the Lotus design, which is quite intense. The Riley Quickshot is just a mini version (I have a regular Lotus one but doesn`t fit the handy).

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I have the Vantage, Riley Reed, and Pulse. To me the Vantage feels the best. RR feels ok but I don’t use it much as I much prefer the flat entrance of the Vantage. The Pulse was ok at first but once I broke it in it loosened quite a bit. When I use it now I find it is better to use it with its case. With the Vantage I rarely use it with the case but when I want something really tight I do. I use mine with Gun Oil H2O which I highly recommend.

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You can experience both anal and oral intercourse with RR version. It’s inner texture is same but came with different ends but the feeling is very sensational. As a loyal quickshot consumer which tried every version of it i can fairly say that RR is the best choice. Vantage is a little bit dull and boring with same entrance in both ends and inner texture is average. Btw i should say that never, ever think the new stamina unit version. Feeling is a little bit different than others and cleaning is really takes too much time than the others.You could also try the Fleshskin Blue Ice It’s not from the Quickshot family but it can solve your problem too.

At the end i could recommend the check out this place https://fleshassist.com/

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I have all of them. I tend to alternate between the vantage and RR (pulse is dull and the STU just did nothing for me). The Halloween alien one is good, but it’s all about how you use them and what you want from them. I find using the same one on successive days gets less stimulating, but alternating keeps things fresh. I also try to not have the grip too tight. I generally prefer Quickshot sleeves to Fleshlights and have made an adaptor to use them on OSR2+.
One other thing, for asymmetrical sleeves like RR, mix things up by turning upside down :slight_smile:

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get the connector to attach two quickshots together!
i found the RR to be a bit too tight for longer use but now i have the Vantage with the RR behind it. So the tighter RR will hit my tip when the stroke is deepest which is amazing, simulating deepthroat or cervix kind of sensations, which can be enhanced by using a flexible rubber band.
i don’t reach the end of the second quickshot so a sock around that end will reduce the mess…
this is my favorite setup so far

which side do you use for the rr for that experience?