Fleshlight with Handy?

So I have a kiiro feel stroker and I want to use it with my handy but I dont have a 3d printer so I was wondering if there was something I can buy to make that work


I have a kiiroo feel stroker and I believe it is too heavy for the handy, especially with faster scripts. I have tried to attach my fleshlight and kiiroo stroker and the handy could not keep up with the added weight. I would highly recommend a fleshlight quickshot (link to best feeling one imo) as it is not as heavy and you can still use the case it comes with in the handy grip band. If you are not a fan of blowing your load onto your handy/body/ground/whatever you can attach the quickshot shower mount to the original case (if you are more than seven inches then this will not work). LMK if you have other questions.

The only I could make it work was by taking the fleshlight out of the case and then cutting a chunk of it’s length off so it wouldn’t get caught in the motors. it also left a huge mess of the fleshlight silicon every time I used it.

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