Food for thought Idea

So I was using my Handy like normal with the handsfree mount + desk mount and as you do it takes time to find the perfect video and I found myself having to re apply lube so it hit me… what if there was a stroke that had a spot where you can put lube and it then has a button where when pressed release a pre determined amount of lube so that you dont have to take yourself out of the device or even turn it off for that matter also would eliminate the need to potentially get hands all lubed up.


also this device would have to be non battery powered battery powered strokers are all garbage not because they dont do the job but they only do the job for a short time before dieing.

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I believe that this device has this! I am not too familiar with this product but I believe quite a few people have tried it.

Yep the SR6 can definitely be modified to include a little lube dispenser, from memory it can be controlled via script too.

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With my handy hands3 set up, so the handy is held by a cinch strap to a belt attachment and 2 belts are threaded through to be worn by the user. The belts are covered by car seat belt padding. Within/ between the wrapped belt there is space to channel 2 things in… 1) the power lead between the battery pack and the handy… and 2) a lube tube - one end is to dispense lube directly on the base topside of cock to allow gravity and the handy sleeve to move the lube along the shaft - better if standing or leaning forward in knelled missionary but can still work seated or laying (can be just a bit messier if not careful) … i.e time a squirt when sleeve is at head to squirt on atleast up/down to mid length of cock… anyway other side of tube connected to a small syringe… enjoy

I cant find the pic now but yeh use the molle pouch that comes with the military tactical belt, the one for a torch, put the syringes in there with plunger at top to push down on…

This is the old hands3 design, the new one is better. Its the latest one in thingiverse … Hands3 by Abdulis - Thingiverse

I punch a hole in all the sleeves I use with my OSR2, and put in a 3D-printed part I designed to fit into the toy and allow dispensing lube through a hole connected via tubing to a large syringe.

It’s basically a disc attached to a threaded column that has a hole all the way through. At the end of the column is a threaded luer lock fitting which fits the kind that comes with large syringes like this. The threading on the column is so you can use a flange nut (also 3D printed) to secure the fitting to the toy from the outside.

I also have an hourglass-shaped fitting for Fleshlight sleeves (stick it in and use a rubber band around the waist area), but I don’t use those very often.

Just push a little bit on the plunger when you need some lube.

It’d be nice to rig something up like what the RealTouch did, where you could trigger a lube injection with the script, but what I have works well enough to avoid motivating me to do more.