(FOR SALE) Complete RealTouch (Used) - SOLD

I was going through some old boxes and came across my RealTouch. It’s complete, in its original box even, and has everything (main device, mini-tower control module, and power brick and cables). It all worked last time it was used probably 4 years ago or so. After its last use I drained the lube reservoir, cleaned the whole thing, disinfected it, dried it out, then boxed it up to move and it’s been in its box ever since.

I doubt anyone wants to use the main device (even though it should be safe at this point), but maybe it can be used for spare parts or if someone wants to pop it open and tinker with it. I know the mini-tower control modules are hard to come by at this point though, so that’s the main value here.

I’m thinking $200 for the whole package in its original box. US shipping only, I’ll cover shipping. If you’re interested, shoot me a message and we can work it out and I can provide pictures or whatever.

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When you say the mini-tower control module, do you mean the Joystick? Like, the little dildo thing that could be stroked to control a RealTouch?

Because if so, that’s really something - AFAIK the team who worked on it developed some kind of novel waterproof capacitative sensor which hasn’t been replicated since, and information about the tech is incredibly sparse.

Sorry, no, I mean the square black box that connects between your computer and the device, providing power to the unit and connecting to the computer via USB. It was the part affected by the licensing issues and so RealTouch was no longer able to manufacture them and they sold out first long before the main devices sold out. The part you’re talking about is the RealTouch Interactive and was only available to cam models, there was no consumer version available unfortunately (that would indeed be something if someone had one of those).

Alright, no takers so far, so how about $150? Or is anyone interested in just the black box?

Ok, last call, $100? Or even just the black control box for like $70?

I’m interested if you still have it

Yep, it’s still available, I’ll shoot you a PM.

Sold and gone!

Damn I miss the RealTouch (RIP)

Hi do you still have it?

No, sorry, if you look two posts up from your post, it’s been sold.

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