(FOR SALE) Handy new in box (EU version)

Hi, I have a handy only open to update it to last software. I buy it after a software failure on my other one but it was solved first so no need of this one. More infos in DM.


Hi @Cerbere,
please let the admins delete all your already sold devices or duplicate sales offers, it’s some kind of confusing:

just delete all of them. It’s really boring to not allow user to delete there post them self

I totally agree

forgot to turn on “solved” functionality until just now, but it doesn’t apply retroactively. I think it’s preferrable to have closed/solved old sales rather than just deleting old posts, but maybe continue that convo in Should users be able to delete their own post and not have to rely on asking moderators to do so? - #9 by Genesis1993

For now, I’ll just lock all the posts you’re trying to delete