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(for sale) SR6 Beta

This is not a totally finished build!!!
T-Valve was never fitted to the ESP32

Electronics etc. alone are about 200€ (Servos, ESP32 etc)
Filament Cost + Printtime I would say about 50€
Switch is currently not used, instead of the switch there is a Wago 221 inside.
Case is heated with 3 Levels (Low/Mid/High). Heater still has USB connection.

All Filament is PETG
Orange Filament is Prusament PETG
Yellow/Blue is Stronghero3d PETG
Black Filament is either Sunlu or Stronghero3d PETG

The blue Vesa 100 Holder doesn’t look 100% perfect,
but it is printed with complete infill and this is just an optical issue.

So SR6 totally 250€ + shipping.
The SR6 is located in Germany!

Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4

I also have two unused Fleshlight Sleeves:


If you take both Sleeves, I would sell them together for 50€
This was from the Buy 2 Get 1 for free deal, only one from the deal was used, that’s why those two are still unused!

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what servos are you using?

Aliexpress Servos (DS3218 PRO-180)

They look the same as in M0SAIC Builds.

have they ever burn out and how loud are they? yes I watched the vids

Nothing burned out or anything.

Total runtime is less than 15 Minutes.

And with the noise… I think it is not loud or annoying… at least for me.

how much louder would it be than, say a PC fan. I do live with family members that are a bit noisy at times, although they are quite loud; I have a handy and they could another it, even if they wanted to.
edit: I also use a blue switch keyboard which is loud af; it will easily mask the noise of a handy. I just want to know if it’s going to be quite noisy(like a loud keyboard) or really loud(like a sanding machine)?

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Yes it is louder than a PC fan, but not like a sanding machine (alot less than that)
Maybe like you mechanical keyboard while typing. (i dont have a mechanical keyboard)

Honestly I would think that this is too noisy to play with while your family is in the next room.
(at least it would be like that for my family lol)

I made you a compare file:

You can hear PC fans in the background (spinning at about 1600rpm) and at the end of the video you can hear me pressing random keys on my keyboard (cherry rubberdome …)

I think that is the best compare I can offer you.
Distance between fans, keyboard and SR6 was roughly the same.

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Thanks helped a lot, I have two brothers that will be more than adequate as noise barriers (loud intensive screaming at Fortnite) are rooms next to each other. If I tried to scream at the top of my lungs for help while they are playing Fortnite the most I would get is “shut up I’m playing Fortnite dumb ass”. BTW I’m the eldest for reference. Again THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP.

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