(FOR SALE) Starpery 171C Worldwide shipping

Hi everyone :slight_smile: I won a prize of a Starpery 171C (super realistic sex doll) with a head with implanted real human hair, the doll is almost new, and the price reduction is big (This configuration is around 4000$ if you order it). I sell it for 1750$ with FREE shipping for Europe and USA. If you need other information just tell me and I’m here for what you need :slight_smile:

Some pictures:


…it’s hard to find that doll for sale with any amount of upgrades for more than $3000, brand new.

What upgrades does it have? Does it have provenance? Where are you shipping from…?

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Jezuz christ pal! Thats sick as fuck. If i only had the money…

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Well, I forgot to post that, it’s a full premium silicone doll, not TPE (that’s why I said the real price is around 4000$, if it would be TPE then yes you would be right, but it’s the top notch version :slight_smile: ) I’m from Spain :slight_smile:
The provenance is directly from Starpery, I won it as a prize (I can provide proof)
The list of the upgrades is the following:

Material: Full premium silicone
Sarah head
Implanted hair
Makeup like in the promotional pictures
Blue eyes, Full ball moveable eyes with bloodshot
Realistic skin and veins
Fixed vagina
No pubic hair
Standing feet
Moveable shoulders
171c body
Gel boobs
Bikini marks
Articulated fingers
USB heat, some clothes from Starpery (not used)

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…full disclosure, i sleep with a ‘emotional support’ doll every night, and have two more under the bed in hibernation. All TPE, i much prefer the feel of it as it’s softer, jiggly, and retains heat really well. Plus it’s cheaper, as you point out.

i’m really struggling to squeeze that doll into $4000, interestingly i can get closer on the European sites, like $3,500 on the more expensive ones for UK, but not $4000. American sites are max $3000, lucky them, eh?

One issue i spot is that it has ‘shrugging shoulders’ and ‘internal heating’. Unfortunately these things are not advisable in combination, the shoulders can sever the wiring, trust China to just bundle the whole lot up together, but wtvr, if the USB fails just pop her in a heated blanket on a cold night, it’s all good. Plus, i hate the way the doll then has a USB connection sticking out some part of her anatomy, it’s just… wrong!

Then there’s the obvious question… did you put your dick in it? And how do we know you didn’t if you claim you didn’t? This is the really big issue with selling second hand sex toys, do you really wanna share another man’s cum hole? Sloppy seconds put you off your dinner, son? For the majority of people, this is not an acceptable fetish, and is gonna severely lower the price.

And here’s the real reason you won’t sell it here. This is a site where we further the ways of the sex machine gods, dedicated to devising programs for the tech, and inventing tech for all the genitals, and training genitals to love programs, round and round and round we go, where will it stop? Nobody knows. But unfortunately, there’s a reason that my beautiful big assed baby is an ‘emotional support doll’ these days, and not a ‘sex doll’, and that’s cos what has been achieved on this site is quite incredible. It is now possible to have a once in a lifetime sexual experience, with whoever / whatever you choose, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!! FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!! For $600 i hacked a Handy that sucks me off, it’s so good i very rarely EVER have sex with my dolls any more. i do use her for role-play, and she’s incredible to snuggle up to all night, and so on, but actual sex? i’m afraid the machine gods win that battle. My overtly long and straggly point is, i doubt you’ll sell it here on this site for that reason.

There are plenty of sites dedicated to Dolls, i would suggest you post one of those for a more positive result. Plenty of experts over there that can help you ascertain a good price, and allow you to demonstrate appropriate provenance. The Doll Forum would be the best place to start. Who knows, you might find a cash buyer near you in Spain, easy win all round.

So, congratulations! Sounds like you won an absolute beauty of a doll, and best of luck finding her a happy home. Ashanti sends you both happy vibes…x

Ashanti, perfect for cuddles…x

Look… some weeks ago if you did this exactly configuration on CloudClimax UK the price was around 4000$, I know because I did it. Now its black friday, so its an exception, but in the regular year THIS exactly configuration was around 4000$ on a top site like CloudClimax…

About the heating, no, it doesn’t have an usb connection on the body, is some tool Starpery provided me that you can “insert” into her.

Now about the rest: I won the prize on 2020, but I received it this year. For the possible buyer, I have proof on my emails with Starpery, about the upgrades, about the date of arrival, and almost everything.

I never had a doll, and I discovered that this is not for me. Instead, I just bought recently a Kiiroo Keon lol. Indeed in The Doll Forum is precisely where I won the prize, but its not easy to find a buyer, so that’s why I posted it here too, just to try luck. Who knows?

The doll is in PERFECT conditions and I think even if you find out there for 3500 or even 3000, that my price is a HUGE discount for a VERY good doll, but man, without offense intention, if you are not interested I don’t know what is the point of making dirty my thread? I’m going to marry soon and I need the money, and I have something here that I don’t use, so it’s a good oportunity for me to take some money and for a potential buyer to get a good doll at a good price, what’s the problem? I shouldn’t be explaining this kind of things.

And thanks, yes, I hope I can find for her a happy home.

EDIT: I went to CloudClimax just to try wich would be the price today with my exact configuration… Buy Starpery 171cm D Cup Sex Doll Julie now at Cloud Climax. We offer low prices and fast discreet shipping on all luxury realistic sex dolls. (the 171d and c have the same price) and the total amount is £3,259.00, wich converted to dolars is exactly 3945$

So please, as I said before if you are not interested there is no need here to make dirty my thread…

…oh fair enough, i’ll just leave my response that i PM’d you here, as you wanna have it out in public:


This is not a sales forum, it’s a scripting forum with a sales section for people from within the community who wanna help each other out, and frankly, yes, i suspect your motives and am protecting this site and it’s inhabitants from a possible scam.

The onus is on you to prove you are who you say you are, your account has fuck all activity on this site before now, and suddenly you’re trying to flog a doll here? That is HIGHLY suspicious behaviour.

And the fact that you have responded in such a manner to what was a very detailed, friendly and helpful comment on your thread just makes me even more suspicious. ‘Endirtying’? i replied to all your comments in a civil and helpful manner, and wished you well at the end.

i have no intention of deleting anything, complain to the mods if you have a real issue with people discussing things on a discussions thread, believe me, they won’t be thankful for you wasting their time…"

…to be honest, it was obvious that you clearly have no knowledge of dolls from the beginning, so i thought i would provide mine, to help you, cos i’m nice like that. For example, the thing you describe that ‘goes inside her’ is the basic free insertable that comes with every single doll you will ever order from China, so i can knock an additional $250 off the price now.

And the prices on the shipping sites are a bit weird, it’s cheaper to import a doll to America than Europe, hence the price discrepancy. Working it out on the UK site and then converting to dollar is disingenuous, the UK to dollar rate is terrible. The dollar is stonk, buy much rubberdoll, pound weak, buy nufink.

And really, why didn’t you add the link to your DollForum post in the first place?


It contains far more photos, and certainly looks the part. If you led with that, i’d have been more open to your claims. You want to sell on our site, but you don’t want anybody from the site questioning you about the sale, i’m sorry mate, you can’t have it both ways.

The sales section isn’t even for sexdolls, btw:

SexDolls have nothing to do with scripting, sorry…

@moderators …just thought i’d ask someone to step in at this point, would rather it doesn’t snowball into stupid internet bollocks…

Like Jack the Ripper, let’s go for parts.

I am not going to put here what I response you on private or not, but you are endirtying a sales thread just for the sake of envy.

If you can’t afford a doll like that and you need to settle with that thing that you have, its your problem, but don’t come here just to disturb.

Of course I don’t have knowledge about dolls, because I told you, I never had a doll. Indeed if you look into my TDF profile as you do, you can find post where I describe myself as a newbie in that world, and in the sales post, I describe that “this is not for me”, because when I received the doll, I just can look that as a corpse, but I can’t say those kind of things on a sales thread -insult here in my head-.

Why I didnt added the link to my dollforum post in the first place? Because the same thing I didn’t posted the features and I did it kindly when you asked me: because I didn’t thought on that. When I sell something on internet I’m not posting on everyplace my announcement on every other site!!! That’s ridiculous.

“You want to sell on our site, but you don’t want anybody from the site questioning you about the sale, i’m sorry mate, you can’t have it both ways.”

I don’t have problems answering stuff related to the doll, but what I don’t want is someone, not questioning, but disturbing and doubting about my word and treating me as a lyer without proof, just because you are obtrusive. It’s two different things. And, as I said, I have proof of everything. Emails with Starpery about the prize and the features, the proper thread on TDF about the raffle, and, as you posted here, the link of my TDF sales post that I provided you.

“So I can knock an additional $250 off the price now”, that was your target since the first moment because you were saying that my doll is less the price with the purpose of… what? I was remembering and indeed I was certain it was around 4000$, I posted here the cloudclimax site and everyone can set up that configuration and see the price is 4000$. But now, when you see this, your argument to disturb here is that “the dollar is stonk and the pound is weak”? Come on man! Go to walk with your doll.

And sorry but this is not a “discussion thread” as you say, it’s a sales thread.

About the sales category, there’s a lot of people here selling sex toys here. What you are posting here is just another proof that your only intention is to disturb and annoy my sale.

So, yes, please @moderators as I said I don’t want to have problems with nobody here, indeed I prefered to ask this user via PM before contact you, but this behaviour is unacceptable.

I have no context on dolls so I can’t make any conclusions one way or another. It sounds like @TheLandOfInfiniteFun was suspicious of the sale/price and was trying to prevent others from getting tricked. But I have 0 way of telling if that is actually the case.

Let’s just end that convo here. More information was added. If anyone else has further questions/concerns they can reply or DM @Zenar