(FOR SALE) The Handy for 90€ (Europe)

Hey guys,

I got my Handy last Saturday, and it’s just too good for me. I’m spending way too much time with it with negative effects on my life as I have quite an addictive personality, so I want to get rid of it. Therefore I’m willing to let it go ASAP for 90€.

Everything works perfectly fine, and I still have all the original packaging as you can see in the picture. Shipping from Germany.

Let me know if you’re interested via DM! I’m happy to answer all your questions.




The Handy destroyed your life in a week huh? Contact Handy for a refund in exchange for your testimonial. :rofl:

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Would love to, but I bought from a retailer. Also it didn’t “destroy” my life lol, but I would definitely recommend having good self-control for everyone who’s interested in getting it.


Sent you a DM

When I bought mine I remember I used it once and thought about returning it. I was just like " this is to much responsibility for me to have" lol.

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hello ! are you still selling the handy ?