FPS inconsistent

Hey all, made a post before with minimal success, but here we go. I like to use the arrow keys by pressing and holding them to go frame by frame when scripting. However, some videos I download (I download from multiple sources, and sometimes videos from the same sources are inconsistent) don’t keep playing with the skipped frames when I hold it and I have to click for every single frame to play instead of holding the arrow. since no video is worth clicking a million times for, I was wondering if there was a way to either fix that in JFS or reliably reformat the video somehow? I have minimal experience with the latter, so the prior would be preferrable lol

I personally use OFS for scripting, which allows you to do a FPS override. Maybe there is an option with the scripting software you use?

Ive heard of OFS, but never used it. I may have to consider trying it since I cant find any option to change frames. I get the notification that it cant detect framerate and converts the framerate to 59.94 oddly enough, but that isnt the issue because some videos work with the same notification

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using funexpander to create an iframe version is a MUST if you’re going to script. Keyframes are real. It’s super hard to script frame by frame without creating an iframe version. ESPECIALLY with ripped streaming videos that have really weird keyframe timing.

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I also use OFS, and one thing that has helped me is reencoding the video the video so it’s 1080p as I can’t tell the difference on my monitor. I end up not missing a single frame while scanning through a scene as a result.

I also played around with FunscriptToolbox MotionVectors that, apart from its primary purpose, made an all-iframe video, but made the file size huge-normous, basically being around 8-10x the file size of the original video.

Reencoding effectively gives the same effect without blowing up your storage with one chonky 10x file (I somehow end up with a 2x file size with the 1080p version :man_shrugging:).

Hope this helps.

I’ve never liked JFS personally, I find OFS to be more friendly but that could just be because I’m used to it now. Anyway, like others have said you want to reencode every video the same way, video quality and frame rate have a really big impact on the applications performance, you don’t want to be scripting using an 8K 60fps video. Use this tool to convert to iframes, 1080 height seems to be the consensus and make sure to keep the 30fps box checked.

guess I’m not really familiar with what an iframe is :sweat_smile:

how do I go about using this? It says it cant locate the file specified and says something about FFMPEG. not sure how to go about using the source code you can download from the link, kinda new to this whole scripting thing in general lol

You should be able to get all you need from that thread, I’m no expert so I can’t really help with troubleshooting, best bet is to refer to that thread or ask in there for help.

yeah, figured Im probably on my own lol. thanks for the info though! gonna try to make use of this