Frame rate issues

Hi, all…
Sooo…I am totally clueless. And I feel stupid AF.
But like I have been using JFS for years at this point…And have always ignored the “could not detect frame rate” alert. I didn’t think much of it. I didn’t know anything about frame rate. Still don’t really.
I just was like “here’s a hot vid. lemme script it.”
BUT evidently… :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:…the frame rate has A LOT to do with how the script plays. I know. I know. I am dumb AF.
But like I have NEVER been able to get OFS to work on this crap laptop and I feel comfy with JFS. But for EVERY SINGLE VID I open on JFS, I get the error message.
I submitted scripts to SLR and they were like…shit was off. Which blew my mind. Because I am METICULOUS with scripting. So, I guess it is a frame rate issue.
Well, my question is: can I adjust the frame rate in JFS? I feel at a road block.
Any help would be appreciated…OFC.
And if I have been helped before…I apologize.
I’ve had just LOTS of life going on for quite some time.

I do not have JFS. Do you have an example of a script + video that gives the framerate error, and also an example that does not give the error?

EVERY video and script gives the frame rate error. Any video I scripted, every thing I am scripting gives the frame rate error.
I just ignored it.
But that evidently wasn’t wise.

I only use OFS for any scripts to make so i cant help u with JFS.

Try downloading DaVinci Resolve and re render the video. It shows u the frame rate when opening the video and before rendering. U can either choose to let DaVinci keep the framerate or to “fix” it, maybe that helps.

Also some video have a frame rate of 29.73 for example. Especially 3d videos. so after 30 frames u framerate will be off by a few milimiters. Only thing that fixes it is manually putting down each point.

I CANNOT get OFS to even open on this laptop. I had OFS on the previous and I could never get it to work.

I ONLY have ever manually put down each point for EVERY script I have made. I ALWAYS only go frame by frame for all the scripts. If that is what you mean.
Thank you for your suggestions.

Maybe its a specific JFS issue? There have been more posts it seems after googling about frame issues with JFS.

Very well might be. Figures. :disappointed:

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