Free scripts submission on SLR?

Update 2/20: Having Open script submission might be even better idea.

We are considering an option for script creators to submit their scripts for free on that will be available for Scripts Premium users.

It’s an option for those who won’t get a legal entity required for enrol into SLR script creator program, but still would like to get their scripts distributed. Script creator alias will be shown next to the script. You can pull the scripts an any time. You will be provided free Premium access for scripting.

Update: We should be working on a contract that won’t prohibit posting scripts elsewhere.

Please let me know.


I believe this is a good idea, but I believe the devil is in the details…
We definitely need a central repository for the scripts linked to the videos. Just looking for videos to script and assuming that all will remain available is foolish. There has to be a drive to keep them available like some monetary site. I have had a real love / hate for SLR but this is possibly a good idea,

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This is a brilliant idea, it will definitely get the website many more scripts! Hypothetically I’d absolutely give this a shot. I have a question though, where would we stand with multiple scripts from different authors for the same video? Would you guys just pick one and display that and only that, or would people have access to all available scripts for a video?

The reason I ask is I’ve had personal experiences of finding multiple scripts for one video and had it that some were more to my taste than others, etc. Otherwise, this sounds like a solid idea.

EDIT: Also, what are your stances on adding OSR2/SR6 support to the website? So many brilliant videos that would be amazing with an OSR2 going to waste :frowning:

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This is something that I might be interested in.

As a subscriber, I like the convenience of the SLR player and JoyFunPlayer.
Having free scripts also available by default would be a nice addition (if the creator chooses to make them available, of course).

As a creator, I wouldn’t mind expanding the reach of my scripts.

I’m mainly doing scripts for my own use, but I also spend time on parts that I’m not really interested in, just to make sure that I have complete scripts that other people can enjoy (nothing worse than a partial script that stops at the wrong time :wink:).

I like to know if those extra hours of work are worth it.

Eroscript give me some feedback on that (with comments, views, downloads, and likes).

I would want some useful feedback from SLR site too (number of views, etc), and I suspect SLR could, in theory, give me even more type of feedback (good or bad). For example, if you have some kind of “audience retention” stats (similar to youtube) for scripts.

@temple1997 On Windows, JoyFunPlayer now supports OSR2. JoyFunPlayer 4.0 - OSR (TCode) Player

As someone wrote, the devil is in the details :slight_smile:

Reading the original post I’m having a hard time figuring out if the script must be exclusive for SLR or if the same script can be released here on ES as well?

It’s the comment that the script will only be available for Premium subscribers that causes my question, but maybe you mean that these free scripts are available for Premium subscribers but without a script subscription?

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Sounds like a great idea as long as the script creators can also release it on this platform.

I like the idea, a win-win situation for the creator and sexlikereal.

How much scripted minutes per month are necessary to get and keep Premium?
Is a quality check from your stuff needed?

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Really happy you are considering that idea :+1:

I have a question though, where would we stand with multiple scripts from different authors for the same video?

Currently we have an exponential gap between new videos added and scripts like 21,000 videos to 700 scripts. New videos are being added much faster than community generates scripts. But still we are considering to add multiple scripts support that would work like subtitles logic. If we see more script creators joining us we will definitely speed up on that feature.

what are your stances on adding OSR2/SR6 support to the website?

It’s coming with Haptics Connect for Windows.

With current (strict) business environment creators with a legal entity (self entrepreneur would work) enjoy the monetary reward which is constantly growing. For natural persons who are not able to get a legal entity releasing scripts for free on SLR is the only option once we make it work. Looks like regulations are only getting stricter over time.

Really like your thinking. Interactives has proven to be cool for SLR users. We are bringing even more cool stuff there, to promote even more cooperation between creators and fans.

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SLR obtains a right from content owner to create and distribute scripts on SLR. We have no option to pass this right to any other place.

but maybe you mean that these free scripts are available for Premium subscribers but without a script subscription?

Scripts Premium is required to access scripts no matter free or paid. We can’t afford a separate logic for every small thing. There’s a ton of logistics in place.

Totally :+1:

How much scripted minutes per month are necessary to get and keep Premium?
Is a quality check from your stuff needed?

We will have specific rules in place to automate everything. There will be some fair use logic in place to make everyone happy.

Quality check for sure

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I’m reading your answer to Sentinel and I’m still not 100% sure if we would be able to release our script on Eroscript.

What I hope would happen:

We release the script on SLR. SLR is protected because SLR haves the right to distribute scripts for the videos on the site.
I can also put my script for free on Eroscript at the same time. For that part, I would be liable because I don’t have an explicit right to distribute (even though, according to the other thread on that subject, as a Canadian, it’s not needed).

On SLR, the scripts would be available to premium users only. In some way, I would be increasing the value of the premium a little bit. This part, I don’t mind at all. I’m fine helping ‘paid creators’ and SLR if it grows the size of the scripted content (and I’m getting some value back by having a free premium).

If non-premium users of SLR or a subscriber of the studio (ex. VRBangers) want to use my scripts, they still have the option of downloading the scripts from Eroscript.


I hope you’re right Zalunda, otherwise if people that would put their free scripts on SLR can’t put them here, and they’d be behind the Script Premium paywall on SLR, it would feel like doublevr is trying to destroy this community :sweat_smile: Let’s hope that doublevr phrased their sentence like that because they assume that they can’t say something else legally, not because you’d have to sign an agreement preventing you from posting here if you upload to SLR.

I also don’t understand the reply about the separate logic that would be needed to offer the free scripts without Script Premium. SLR already supports buying individual scripts without Script Premium, so it seems to me that to have individual script that you can “buy” for $0 would work in the existing process. IMHO that would still bring value to SLR as more videos would be scripted there.


What I meant is, can I as the script creator release a script that I’ve created here on ES and at SLR at the same time? Or will that be against the terms for this proposed free scripts submission?

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Make no mistake - that’s not what we do by design to prevent you from distributing your scripts. That’s how the things work by itself.

We contracted copyright owners aka content producers to get a right to create and distribute derivatives of their copyrights (scripts) on SLR. Content producer is the ultimate copyright owner and we can’t pass any rights outside SLR.

We don’t prohibit any script creator distributing their scripts anywhere they want to, yet explicit right is required from the copyright owner to do so. Everything else puts you in grey zone.

SLR contract that you sign as a paid or free script creator that enables you to create and distribute scripts on SLR does not give you any right to distribute the script elsewhere. Nor we can give you any such right even if we would like to. Any such right could only be obtained from the copyright owner.

Technically speaking if someone distributes a script created under the SLR licence (contract) elsewhere is in breach of the contract. Privately speaking SLR doesn’t plan to pursue any sanction unless it’s clearly intended malicious (can’t think of any such case for now).

We are looking to make friends, not enemies.

So basically you want scripters to post free scripts behind a paywall and make them not free anymore? Where is the logic? And all they would get in return is membership to slr. Sounds like a terrible deal for the whole community.


I take back my statement or rather add some words. If 100 scripted minutes are enough to get a year of premium, I think it could be a win win situation.

I think a marketplace for freelance scripters is a better way for all. Something like amazon do.

  • SLR get fees by every purchase
  • No quality check needed or you can offer a “quality check label” for higher fee
  • More content are always better for a plattform like SLR
  • The scripter gets a high quality plattform to sell
  • Another plus for the scripter. The much easiert payment methods of SLR lowers the barrier to purchase
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Annual should not be a problem. Perfectly I would wish to credit everyone with SLR tokens, but that will put as in the grey area and the whole SLR token is in early development.

Also whenever script creator decides to get a legal entity he will start immediately earning with his scripts. I’m doing my best to make things work for everyone.