Opening user scripts submission on SLR

Just got a better idea to follow up Free scripts submission discussion.

What if we add script upload option into SLR user profile and a user can choose to make a script public or private. No one is going to make money out of free script submission, nor script creator, nor SLR, nor content producer. You can become a paid script creator at any time (legal entity like self entrepreneur is required) and start making money off your scripts.

Also just wanted to re-assure that there won’t have a provision making a TOS void if public scripts are submitted elsewhere. SLR TOS explicitly provide a right for SLR users to script and release on SLR. Yet script creators does any 3rd party submission on his own risk. For further discussion refer to Legal aspects of script creation and distribution

With current technical limitations we will only accept scripts for yet unscripted videos. We plan to fix it at some point of time (lots of work to extend the functionality).

Please let me know


So this is a workaround for people that cant or wont register as a legal entity? I’d be interested, as registering as a legal entity is a pain in the UK and has tax implications.

I don’t care about earning money, but having the scripts in one place with SLR would be convenient for me. If I’m going to be creating the scripts anyway, then why not upload them to ES and SLR.

If there was a perk like upload X scripts, and get X months free subscription, that would be even better, but that feels more like a grey area as this could be construed as paying for content I guess?

probably will run into the same problem did where people would upload scripts they didnt create. even greater incentive to do this if uploading scripts to SLR grants premium sub perk.

gonna take some vetting and moderating if you want to take care to not make people upset.

Yeah I’m not really sure what you can do to prove creation.