Fun Scripter - How to Combine Multiple Scripts

I have been doing a lot of FUTA recently and I decided to combine 3 individual clips into a single video so its a lot longer and something I can sit back and enjoy. I already created the scripts for each seperatly, and what I’m trying to do is combine them into a single script now to go along with the new video I made.

The issue is, every time I copy and try to paste one script into another Fun Scripter crashes. Anyone know a way to combine scripts?

Thanks in advance!

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In OpenFunscripter you can copy a script by “select all” + “copy”. Then you can open the script which is set to be the first in your video lineup and at the end of it you can “paste” the second script in your lineup onto the last point of the first script. You can save it and then repeat with the 3rd script. Hope this helps.

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That is what I’ve been trying to do. Finally go past the crashing part (just had to let the program run for a sec) but when the pasting is complete the script it totally messed up, it would go from like 69,000 points to 100. Really strange.

Do you have the full video you clipped together loaded into funscripter as well? I think it needs to be if you haven’t

Aye. The scripts use on the fly scripting, not sure if that is causing an issue

Ok, tested it. I can copy and past just fine with standard scripts, but scripts that use On The Fly scripting don’t work. Anyone know of a fix for this?

Try changing the first and last input of each script to 10 and then try moving it.

Didn’t work. To give an idea, I attached heatmap. I coped the first part and just tried to past it after itself, as you can see its all jacked up. So weird.


If that does not work I have one more thing you can try. Open the full video you want to put the script into and go to File> Open> Add Existin. Select the file you wanted to copy into the full video. That should put that script below the one you want to put it into. Right click the wave line and uncheck the first file and it should remove the one you are wanting to make the full file. This should allow you to copy the file and then once copied, right click the wave line and recheck the file you want as your main, and then uncheck the file you just copied, thus allowing you to interact with the main file again. Try pasting it at the end of the file and see if it lets you. It’s a long shot, but might work.

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I dont have any on the fly scripts available but if you dont mind posting them here I can give it a try and see if I can get it to work.

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I’d appreciate that, thanks for trying haha. The three scripts I’m trying to combine are attached below. The order I’m trying to go is 1. Sindel 2. Futa Wonder Woman 3. Jaina but any order would do. I think its just a bug though in Fun Scripter :confused:

Sindel fucking cassie cage.funscript (1.3 MB) Futa Wonder Woman vs Power Girl (exaggerated).funscript (1.4 MB) Jaina Proudmoore Endurance Training.funscript (164.9 KB)

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It looks you’re using JFS. It’s a tad annoying, but you need to convert the script from Raw OTF points to Simplified points. You can do this with ScriptPlayer.

Load the video/script, then in the menu near the top, go to Script > Save as

The points should show up after that. You can have multiple instances of JFS open and copy/paste between them.

But tbh, this might not be necessary. You could make a playlist in ScriptPlayer too and just have the 3 videos play back to back.

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Compilation.funscript (1.3 MB)

I think I got it. I just did what I mentioned before, by loading each one into the player, copying it, then removing it and pasting it on the end. They should be in the order you want, but you will need to tighten them up to match your movie.

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Ah! That did the trick, thank you so much haha was driving me nuts. Ya you’re right, but this way is more seamless and I have some ideas in the future. Much appreciated!

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Interesting, you must be using something other than JFS, when I put that script into JFS it was just a single script. but bumdude figured it out in the post above :wink: Thanks for trying to help, I appreciate it!

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My bad, I thought you were trying to combine all 3 scripts into 1 long script in the order you specified.

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I believe you did, but it wasn’t showing up on my JFS for some reason. What scripter are you using by chance? Just curious. Also, here is the script I was able to make using Bumdudes suggestion using script player. Thanks again, I appreciate all the help
Futa Comp.funscript (146.3 KB)

Open Funscripter is the one I use. That may have been where the disconnect was, ha ha. Glad you got it to work.

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