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Funscript extension modified on download

When you click a script and choose Open with [application] then the file gets downloaded to your temp directory with the .txt extension. The application then fails to load the file :bug:


On RTS this is not an issue so it might be an only a problem with this website.
I could write a workaround for that but I thought there is maybe a setting to fix that.

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If I’m understanding correctly, your files are just downloading into a ‘wrong’ directory. This sounds like behavior of your web browser and has nothing to do with the website. You’ll need to download it to a specific folder instead of using Open with …

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If you click the link, you can download it or select an application that directly opens it. The file then gets downloaded to a temporary directory where the applications opens it. In my case this is working for RTS script links but not for Eroscript script links. RTS links do not change their extension!

Seems to be only a problem in Firefox as this one has the Open with option. Chrome and Edge just downloading the file. They dont have this nice feature :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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The problem is the webserver (or AWS) not returning a content-type for .funscripts (completely empty, not even application/octet-stream).
Maybe this can be solved in some sub-system by explicitly defining a content-type?

But I agree, main issues lies with Firefox, might be a workaround for other, similar issues.
Content-Disposition is 100% correct: Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="whatever.funscript"; filename*=UTF-8''whatever.funscript

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Thanks for the analysis. As it’s not a big issue I have build a small workaround in my app that renames the file extension after download.

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@Liquid thanks for the technical details. I’m not super familiar with the configuration of S3, plus I’m planning to migrate over to another object storage to reduce costs soon. Unsure if I’ll be able to figure this out how to fix this on my own.

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