having issues with manual controls

Hey Funscripters! I’m running into an issue where when I use “manual mode”, no matter the browser (chrome or firefox, private and normal mode) when I make an adjustment such as speed or length I get “bad request” thrown by the page. The script/video player worked as normal but I also don’t make adjustments on that page. While on the manual page I could get my handy to start, but not adjust. I went over to handyverse’s manual control page to see if maybe it was my handy connection, but it worked flawlessly there. My handy used to work just fine on the manual page so this is new behavior.

Heya, dev here! It’s possible that they changed the API, I’ve been crazy busy for the past few months and haven’t been paying much attention. They may have finally removed support for the v2 API, in which case the new site at might work, you could try that!

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