Due to the issues with the local handyfeeling local player( impossible to sync) I have been using, which I prefer anyway.

But suddenly I have ran into an issue where it won’t work its seem to be stuck in HSSP mode?


Works perfect in cycler and random mode but just wont run with a script in the player.

Also, my handy wont connect with SLR with my Oculus headset. It shows connected in the settings but handy does nothing. starting to wonder if I have a dodgy unit or something.

Any ideas

Hmm - maybe try a refresh and a re-sync? I know that it definitely can work, but I’ve become aware over the last week that there’s some bug making the local video player a little flaky, I’m going to be fixing it up in the next 3-4 days…

Also, your connection key is in that screenshot, just fyi

Ok cool thanks, im not sure its your player as its not working with SLR either =C

I changed the key after I posted that dont worry but thanks for thinking of me, your a legend as always :wink:

Yeah there have been some bugs that have come up and been fixed in the Handy API, which have broken a bunch of apps. I haven’t been able to bring my Handy out and do some testing so I’m not sure exactly what the problem is with, but I will soon!

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Yeah it’s weird, the script randomly sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. I was messing with it earlier today and about 4/5 times, it fails to make the handy move.

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