Funscript larger than 1MB

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I am in the process of cleaning up my library a bit. I found some funscripts that are abnormally large. IIRC the Handy API has a file size limit of 1MB.

My guess is that these are scripts containing a lot of “unnecessary” points. Is there a tool that can be used to automatically remove the redundant points and thus reduce file size?

You’re correct - almost always, these huge funscripts are huge because the creator used OpenFunscripter and left the “rawActions” array in the file. It really bugs me because as you say, there are various applications that impose filesize limitations on funscripts (because of the limited amount of RAM available on ESP32-based devices like the Handy).
I’m not an expert with OpenFunScripter and never used the raw recording function so I’m not sure if this is a mistake on the part of the scripter, or an issue with the application itself.

For example, I just checked and the biggest funscript on my PC is 6.1MB for a full-length video. I checked and sure enough, it has rawActions in there. I removed it manually and the file is now 121kB.
That is to say 98% of the file was junk data leftover from script creation! This is pretty typical for funscripts containing rawActions.

I swear I added a feature to remove rawActions to, but I just tried it and it doesn’t work. Your post reminded me how much rawActions pisses me off, so I might add that feature right now…

90 minutes later

OK that’s done now - ended up fixing a few other things while I was in there. If you go to the new site ( and head to the Modify Script page, you can just drag in a script and save it back out. It’ll be identical, except without rawActions. Death to rawActions! :smiley:


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