Funscript launch limits

I’m new to scripting and at some times on the script I’m working on the launch just skip some moves or play them with delay. I suppose that the launch can’t play the redlines in the movement timeline ? And some times in the statistics “Interval” is in red is that the problem ? There is some tips to create all the movements ? Thanlks

The launch will have a very hard time playing fast scripts due to the hardware limitation unfortunately, The Handy is a huge upgrade and the OSR being the biggest one to handle all scripting speed

The launch has its limitations. The main problem with scripting for the launch is, that the interval between two points must not be less than 166ms. If the interval is too short, certain points are simply skipped.
But if you stick to these limits, the script will no longer be in sync with the action on the screen. So I would suggest you forget the limits of the launch while scripting and implement what you see. Maybe at some point you will have a new toy with better performance. If you test your script with ScriptPlayer this is no problem. You can set the “min command delay” to 166 ms and the software will correct the script on the fly. If you would like to test your script with something other like DeoVR / SLR then you can use this tool first to correct the script:

Set the “Min. Interval lenght” to 166 ms and klick on “Adjust intervals”. If you want to share your script, i would recommend to upload the original funscript and not the adjusted.


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