Funscript to your own Sex Toy

Hey i am pretty new to this and i didnt found anything that match my desire.

I want to connect somekind of arduino or else to a funscript. So whenever it makes a stroke a circuit is closed or pin gets high/low. Is there some software existing?
Didnt research the funscript pretty much but is it possible if the parameter “pos” is not zero a pin gets high, so just turn off / turn on?

On the Arduino pin i want to connect a MOSFet or else.
I am used to 24V to 230V elictricity so i am aware what i am doing :slight_smile:

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@radladringa the ORS2+ code is a very good place to start. arduino code is already done, would just require your adjustments

From TempestVR - creator of OSR2
OSR2 -Ver3.3 .ino

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