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What do you think of the following funscript maker tool. I find it difficult to make something of this what is your experience?


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I’ve actually found it to be very useful. If I find something I want to start scripting while I’m at work I’ll load this app and get a rough sketch using the touchscreen on my phone and pop out video. Then I’ll clean it up later at home in OFS. Just recently discovered I could do this though. Quite useful. Wish I could slow the video down and utilize all the other features available on a desktop.

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Just wanted to bump this and inform people that the app had a playback speed slider that is functioning on mobile devices. I’ve been using it to make rough drafts of scripts that I’ll be refining in OFS when time permits.

The only flaw I’ve noticed so far is once enough values have been scripted the responsiveness of the input slider starts to lag behind. This results in a de sync of further scripting beyond this point and requires an additional pass to be started fresh from the point the lag started. Overall still a useful tool when away from the a computer to make some progress.

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