Funscriptor Question - Syncing Question

I started working on a new clip (my 2nd attempt). I have all the actions done and exported it. In funscriptor its all in sync but when I drop it into the local video (Handy feeling) its seem to be our of sync, I had to set it to -250ms to get it in sync.

I dont want to put something out there thats out of sync or is that a given and ppl have to adjust them?

I am newbie to all this so sorry if its stupid question.

I thinks this will be a good one though :wink: A little teaser:


If your delay/latency is 22 ms, as shown in the screenshot, then you should set your sync adjustment accordingly, i.e. -25. The latency requires the script to be a little bit ahead to keep it in sync.

If the video use constant frame rate and is in sync in OFS/JFS when you use the simulator then it should be ok. Scripted videos with variable frame rate will most likely mess things up and risk getting things out of sync, at least that was my experience when I accidentally scripted a variable frame rate video over a year ago.

Ty bud, I will get all this technobabble sorted within a couple of weeks hopefully lol

try recoding them to have a stable framerate
most converter apps like handbrake can do that

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