FYI - All Realcumber Scripts at Realsync (2D + VR) will soon be offline permanently - please read if you made a purchase there!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to make a post to let everyone that I’ve made the tough decision to exit from and will be shortly taking down all my 2D and VR that is currently on there

There are no negative personal reasons for it - @Evernessince and the Realsync vendor crew have been exceptional and I appreciated everyday being a part of it, but since I’ve switched to doing this script work full time for my family, I’ve needed to make considerations that would help me to achieve the best possible long term success and that means keeping my focus in one place over at

I will be fully focusing my efforts on helping SLR Interactive and the Interactive industry succeed there as much as possible by only scripting content that is and becomes available on SLR going forward.

Fortunately there’s a ton of great content already on SLR and incoming, and hopefully this will help all studios see the true value of interactive with our efforts there for a bright future and be a win win for all

If you have made a purchase for any of my Realsync content then please ensure that you have saved your download ASAP to ensure you still have access to them once they are all offline in these next few days

Thanks again for everyone’s past support for me at RS (and future support at SLR) - I hope this move will help you all overall get better value and even more excellent content going forward :pray: :v:


Realcumber, nothing I say here will be enough thanks for the hard work you’ve done. Your scripting quality is top tier and every purchase I’ve ever made from you was well worth it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And considering I actively use SLR this thankfully isn’t even goodbye :smiley:

I wish you and your family the best. Cheers to you. :beer:


Thank you friend @Jcakes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thats really kind of you to say, I’m going to for sure pass that message onto my family :hugs:.

I’m glad to hear that my work hasn’t let you down in any way especially being paid content

Thank you right back for helping me, and fellow other scripters, to be able to keep up the hard work

SLR users and prospective members should be really pumped with whats in store for them going forward, really happy to be an important part of that and thanks for not minding me sticking around here still in this amazing forum :v: :beers:


Wouldn’t be the best option here if you sent everyone who bought your script those scripts via e-mails? It’s nice that you put the information here, but you also have to keep in mind people who will miss this message or visit the site occasionaly.

If I remember correctly when SyncArmy died there were a lot of confusion and people who lost access to scripts. Better safe than sorry.


So your old scripts wont be available anywhere unless they are also on SLR?

So it’s gonna be this time of the year again - many angry people who will spam the forum how they lost their scripts. Hopefully this time you will stay at SLR for a little longer, good luck.

Overall, i’m happy for this news. I have wanted to buy from Realsync, but its very difficult as i dont live in the USA.
SLR is much easier to buy from.

Question, syncs for content that isn’t on Realsync. what will happen to those?

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Congrats @Realcumber on the move and wish you the best dude. Would it be possible for you to leave your scripts up for a few weeks. Some of us have to sift through all your scripts on realsync and verify we bought certain scripts and download them. Realsync doesnt make easy to download previous bought scripts, so we have to go through each order number and verify and in case we missed one we might need to purchase the missing script. You have a decent amount of 2D and VR scripts and for some of us this might take a day to sort things out


I’m going to buy many of your Naughty America VR scripts on realsync tomorrow. Just need to figure out a way to get the payment done. So in your own interest, please leave them on there for a few days before you take them off :grinning:

Thanks for the helpful suggestion @RotiRoh - its already something I requested to get done and issued out, but regardless I wont leave guys stranded (and I never have)

I hope people know Im very much different than Bill and the Syncarmy site situation - I have continued to help guys when he left and I havent gone anywhere since.

I plan on sticking around for a long time, and not leave anyone hanging without fair support since I know this is short notice.

I personally download as soon as I can when I buy something online, to ensure I dont forget or lose it in the future, but I understand people dont as well for whatever reasons

Its alot of work for me to provide ongoing post support so I hope guys can just double check and save their purchases now but I’ll still take care of everyone who has ever purchased from me regardless as I would appreciate the same in their shoes, so please dont worry everyone

My non-SLR script creations are going to remain offline - the best chance to see them again and more new content like those would be to keep bugging the studios to get on SLR - this way even more of their content is likely to get scripted ongoing either by me or any of us fellow SLR scripters there since its much better earnings for our time possible there

Thanks @moeweb2u - I hope I answered your question well already, but please dont worry about your purchases guys - these are only my scripts coming off of RS - and your scripts should always be accessible since they are in your emails, and again, if theres any problems ever, just reach out to me and I’ll make sure you’re taken care of as you should be for your grateful support :pray:


@moeweb2u We have an upgrade in the works to address that :slight_smile:


@Realcumber Puh… ok gotta buy a LOT of scripts before they’re gone forever. Could you please give a couple of days (lets say…a week?) before putting them down? I wont have enough Coins to buy everything I bookmarked of your work yet and a deposit with my bank account take 2-3 days mostly. Im sure it would not be to your disadvantage :wink:

Thanks in advance!

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The solution is called NFT, googlemachine it!

What about your scripts for 2D scenes? Since SLR is VR only we won’t see them ever again?

They will be offline for the time being, but I would be hopeful to see many of them again as there are developments at SLR to bring in 2D videos and scripts now with improved viewing experiences in VR even.

There are already several videos available with SLR Premium right now here actually:

I’m going to try to get my official studio releases up there, along with fellow scripters, and hopefully more as that category grows or gets more popular

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Also Sorry guys, its going to stick with being end of this month (30th) - should be hopefully enough time for everyone, I really want to shift focus sooner than later - thanks for understanding!


Currently at 82 scripts purchased on SLR, more scripts we get up on there the better, more than happy to support your work @Realcumber :slight_smile:

Really wish there was a way for SLR to support the sale of scripts that they dont have videos up for, I’d probably purchase all the NaughtyAmericaVR ones I’ve seen on RS if they were on SLR :joy:


That means so much to me! @scottishsimp :pray: :hugs:

I’m probably over optimistic, but I’m hoping this may help unite studios together on one platform so that we can see all content, at least scripted content in one place, and maybe every scene ever made scripted too - one can dream right? :crossed_fingers: :pray:


Hey man, glad to see you doing something that’s best for you and your family! Excited you’ll be doing SLR scripts from now on, do you have a list of scripts you’re working on?

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Thanks @rileyreidfan - really appreciate that :hugs: and really looking forward to future at SLR!

I have a list along with other fellow vendors that we try to keep updated here!:

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