FYI - All Swallowbay Scripts currently on SLR (updated)

EDIT Update: FYI guys - Swallowbay scripts will remain on SLR!

Theres about 17 of their scenes fully scripted and available to check out if you havent already → Swallowbay Scripts


If you have access to download the scripts on the swallowbay with your subscription this would be fine, if you have to pay for them individually i think its rip off. I have bought 6 of their scripts more than i bought from any other site so would sub to them if i get 6 videos and 6 day one scripts a month

These scripts won’t be on swallowbays own site btw (If they end up trying to offer scripts on their own site)

They were created with the purpose to be available ongoing only at SLR Interactive, which you would be able to fully access if you purchased or subscribed to Scripts premium

Thanks for purchasing a few of them @ShadyBaby - I recommend saving them and backing them up to ensure you keep access to them, just in case they end up going offline fully, which hopefully they don’t, but its up to them

Really :rage: fuck what a shame. Well I will be able to download only 2 with the SLR sub, it will be Kira and bridgette …

They are gonna be releasing scripts on their own site starting in less than 2 weeks, maybe not the ones on SLR they may hire someone else to make them. I always download scripts and videos when i sub to sites, i prefer watching content locally through XBVR even if streaming is possible

Yeah thats what they have said for awhile, but I think the task will be more difficult than they realize - time, quality, and costwise

But either way these specific scripts won’t be there or anywhere else if things change on monday

Thx for information, i have all vids and scripts i like from them taken aside :hugs:

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I subbed to swallowbay but all but 3 of their videos are on SLR so was a bit of a waste(however the Anna Claire Clouds + Hime Marie video is insane), if i get all of their scipts now with the sub now it will make up for it

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No scripts are going down.

@Realcumber please check with us first before making such statements.

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Sorry about that and noted @doublevr

Looks like I just tried to be a little too proactive in giving you guys any headsup
Good news is that the scripts will be remaining long term for purchase and through scripts sub
Sorry for any confusion or worry guys :pray:


Good news!

think I’ve bought every Swallowbay Script apart from 2 (Not into those specific models) :joy: