Gaging interest, scripts for music only, to watch anything you want?

So riding home today I found a song that would be PERFECT for a PMV. Then I realized, man I could watch any pmv or porn to this song and have my machine follow the beat.

Would anyone be interested in a music only script to use while binging porn? Maybe make it extended and looped? Multiple songs on one script from chill to intense?

I will get started on this if anyone thinks they’d like it.


it wouldnt be for me but i’ll bet you’d not be the only one who want such a script. I dont like PMV’s but there are enough people that do.

I think it’s a good idea

Yeah, it’s something I’ve considered doing. I was thinking of just compiling a playlist of scripts that only match the music. The Popstars script I posted was a part of this plan but I just never got around to it.

i like it!

Omg that’s an interesting Idea… set up the scripts on random with a set of songs and just look up the videos you want as the device does its work to the beat. Not sure I would be the primary audience for it but could be a good idea for those that just like to browse.

Could even be used as a fluffer while looking through a library of scripted videos before deciding.

Thanks for the good thoughts and if you do it, I hope it goes well!!!

I’m more into having action and script synced to the beat. I’ve seen good PMV makers achieve that. Then you get some great scripters on here that would post both audio-based and video-based scripts.

Alright, I’ll give it a shot.

Awesome idea!! I sometimes literally listen to a select spotify playlist and just check out pics (obv cant play videos and music together on iOS… not sure about android). Would dig a script to just a playlist. Probably best to stick to a genre within it, but not sure. I tend to prefer rnb pop stuff to PMV’s but that’s just a personal preference.

Yeah music selection is going to be key, and I can’t just do one song I figure because who browses for 3.5 min? Gonna be more if a project then I thought.

Plus I want it to go from chill, to heavy etc.