[Game Integration] FlutterMare v1.2

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This is a mod for a game called FlutterMare by StudioWhy. This game is a lewd pony-themed interactive animation in which you can customize the animation look and feel with several options.

:technologist:Game Creator

Altough the game is distributed for free by the original developer, please consider supporting StudioWhy.



You can find the game mod and the instructions inside our Gumroad, the mod is free but we greatly appreciate any kind of contribution no matter how small :smile:

We are open to commissions, if you want us to modify your favorite NSFW game, let us know!


  • This mod is mosty untested and can have some bugs, I will be happy to help you if you find any.
  • We are not associated with StudioWhy or any of their games.
  • This is a game mod for windows, only official versions of the game are compatible

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Tested using Handy and SR6, works great on both! Good mod.


can you make a mod for Night Of Revenge

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Love this integration, thank you!

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that would be good, this game deserves more attention

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