[Game Integration] Super Mamono Sisters v1.04

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:blue_book: Introduction

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Shigeru Miyamoto was horny all the time? me neither.

This game is a short NSFW platformer with a wide range of enemies trying to have a way with you.

F95 Zone provides the following overview:

One day, the Queen of Succubi awakened after a long sleep. Her powerful sexual energies transformed all the local village girls, cats, and monsters into succubi themselves…

“I’ve decided to have you for dinner. Come to my castle. Along the way, however, you’ll be tempted by all sorts of monsters… try not to die before you arrive, alright?”

And so the boy sets out, tiny sword in hand, in pursuit of the succubus.
Was that determination in his eyes? Or was he under her spell…?​

Special thanks to @Zerostress who did a wonderful job of creating all the funscripts for this game. :smiley:

:technologist: Game Creator

Support the original game developer Shimofumi-ya on DLsite

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Game can be found on here

The mod integration can be found here

We are open to commissions, if you want us to modify your favorite NSFW game, let us know!

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Instructions

  1. Download the game from F95 Zone or DLsite (version v1.04)
  2. Download the mod from Mega
  3. Create a folder to contain the game and the mod
  4. Decompress the game directory mamosis_v1.04_win and rename it to mamosis_v1.04
  5. Decompress the mod, paste and replace any files in the mamosis_v1.04 directory. You should have two folders: mamosis_v1.04 and FunscriptPlayer v1.4.0
  6. Open Funscript Player.exe
  7. Open SuperMamonoSisters.exe
  8. (???)
  9. Enjoy

:pushpin: Disclaimer

  • This mod hasn’t been tested in any way, I don’t even know if it works, and it may have some bugs, we will be happy to help you if you find any.
  • We are not associated with Shimofumi-ya or any of their games.
  • It contains a goofy ahh vore scene, and it can’t be avoided.

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As always a pleasure c:. Have fun Guys !!!


This is great, thank you very much.

However, this game really needs a “hardmode” mod. Give the player more hearts and/or way more health bar. It’s quite hard to escape on the hard difficulty, but maybe it can also be made harder in that case.
Currently I tend to loose all 3 hearts very quick. So I have to either kill everything and scripts are not used at all, or I have to restart the level every 30 seconds.

Are there some masters here, who could undertake this challenge?

Very first encounter in the game, game is calling “villager_b” scripts, but you only have villager scripts. Copying all the villager scripts and renaming them to villager b works (it’s the same animation).

the regular villager scripts are called after you beat the enemy, and you interact with her again to request “service”.

It’s not that hard to find the ‘# of hearts’ address with cheat engine (though you’ll have to re-find it each time you start the program)…

If that’s too much trouble, or you don’t know how to use cheat engine, then someone made a cheat mod for the game here:

mod adds the following:
Key F = Instant Charmed/Attracted/Spell/Rape Break
Key G = Set Health to Max (this refills hearts as well)
Key U = Set Hearts to 1
Key O = Add 1000 coins
Key I = Set coins to 0
Passive: x10 coins
Passive: x5 easier rape break
Passive: 0.2 faster run speed
Passive: 0.2 longer jump


the filler cant be disabled for some reason

workaround : set the min and max speeds to 0

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No dice getting this to work on OSR2 - funscriptplayer seems to detect the port when configured (and detects when it’s unplugged) but never gets past ‘connecting’. I guess if I don’t have a bluetooth toy this mod doesn’t work?

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I get the following error when I paste the files into the mamosis folder:

[18:00:39.683] Core::BasePath = E:\m÷gΣ\games\Super Mamono Sisters\Super Mamono Sisters\mamosis_v1.04\mamosis_v1.04_win
[18:00:39.684] Game::BasePath = E:\m÷gΣ\games\Super Mamono Sisters\Super Mamono Sisters\mamosis_v1.04\mamosis_v1.04_win
[18:00:39.685] Game::DataPath = E:\m÷gΣ\games\Super Mamono Sisters\Super Mamono Sisters\mamosis_v1.04\mamosis_v1.04_win\SuperMamonoSisters_Data
[18:00:39.686] Game::ApplicationPath = E:\m÷gΣ\games\Super Mamono Sisters\Super Mamono Sisters\mamosis_v1.04\mamosis_v1.04_win\SuperMamonoSisters.exe
[18:00:39.720] [INTERNAL FAILURE] Failed to Open Mono Assembly!

Try using only standard characters in the path name.