Game : Princess of the Ring2

Hi. I was wondering if any Game Mod dev’s could lead me in the right direction to figure out if Toffi’s Princess of the Ring2 game would be able to be used with the Handy and EDI?
Is there a simple way to tell if it could work just like Fallen Angel?

Toffi’s site with all his games:


100% approved! I am going to enhance EDI to include ‘VS Two Channels’ functionality, allowing you to play this game with your bro or your partner.
If anyone is interested in integrate, please contact me.


Yes please, looks like an amazing game to play with the Handy.

So, is there anywhere you could point me that I could begin to learn/start on how to integrate this? I know tech, but I’m not a coder.

Anyone know who did the integration of Fallen Angel? Maybe there’s a place to start.

First step would likely be determining the game engine used, and then seeing if any other games that have been modded already use the same engine.

i do the integration lol

Well in this week i going to create a group or somting to advance in this integration.
everyone interesting in the proyect read this first Easy Device Integration (EDI) integrate your Game NOW!

maybe we can divide labor, no coders can do the compilation video. mark with chapters, another the funscript, etc.

i can check the code to see how integrate, if is very repetitive work like in falen angel, some no coder can help too


is thare a way to make a program that controlls the handy threw a game controler so you can just map anygame to the handy so you can get handy intagration on any rhythm games or any game you want

Cool. I’ll help. Also if it helps I emailed Toffi and he created the game and he responded. So if there are questions I’m sure he’d answer. Maybe even be open to adding in “hooks” to the original code. Like if fighter character A is playing char F and the game plays scene A-fks-F-3b maybe he could output that to a log file which could trigger a handy action. Idk just a thought.

Yes, I remember sending a message to Tofi on Patreon when I was integrating Fallen Ángel Marietta. He helped me at that time. To integrate the game, you should open with an Undertable Mod Tool. There, you need to start searching and identifying by name the different scenes that are triggered. Check the integration of Fallen Ángel Marietta. All the methods I added have a launcher prefix, which in this case should be changed to edireport. Then make a http post to EDI and send the gallery name

here we go again


A log file is a very inadequate output for the type of rapid-level communication needed to make the game interactive in real time. EDI must be informed of the attack when it occurs in the game with An HTTP. In GameMaker 2, this is done with a function. It would be best to capture all these attacks and pass them through a single common function, which would then inform EDI inside.

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so hyped for this

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Is that the actual code of the game?

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