Get interactive VR action right into your place

Now this is something really new.

We just upgraded Passthrough videos integration on SLR and it’s great Passthrough for VR porn - immersive new SLR feature!.

Get Quest Pro for the best colored stereo setup. Valve Index, Quest 2 will also work. Pico 4 is coming in the next day or two.

For the full guide check The Complete Guide to Passthrough on SLR

Now I’m thinking if it would make sense to show Handy mask once in VR with controls on top of it


We already got a series of Passthrough videos on chromakey bringing the action right into your living room.

Also there is the SLR app update coming with greatly improved passthrough where we packed alpha channel around the fisheye circles. Meaning no more chroma key deleting all the fine hairs and no more green spill on the actress!

Stay tuned :star_struck:


Working on Edging Passthrough in VR :fire:

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