Get Scripts Off Of Feelconnect

I don’t have a Keon or any other FeelConnect device, is there a way to get the script? Like download the script from the FeelConnect app itself? Is anything toting FeelConnect pretty much only going to play through QR code and streaming it from the app to the toy itself?

I see POVR has downloadable scenes but they’re a FeelConnect brand, they don’t seem to be like SLR where you can just download the script itself.

It’s super annoying finding a video and then you can’t use the script because you don’t have the “right device”. I get it from the business perspective of devices, but you’d think sites would just say “fuck that” and make it all available.


Small bump for visibility. I’ve not found any way to get at the raw script for feelconnect. I have some videos from VirtualRealPorn that have scripts supposedly, but you need that app and device specifically, so nothing I can use.

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