Getting Started in VR

I have a Launch, and enjoy it fairly well. I have been debating on getting a VR setup to really take the experience to the next level.

Looking at VR headsets there seems to be a few different options at the Core:

  • Phone Based Headsets - these just run VR video from your phone and use your phone’s gyroscope information for angles (if supported). Certainly the cheapest option, but least flexible as everything would need to run from the phone.

  • All In One Headset - This is like the Oculus quest, I think this provides a much better experience than the Phone Based headset, but it’s even more limiting software/experience wise than the Phone Based ones as everything needs to run on the OS for the All in One headset.

  • PC Based Headset - These are the most versatile, but also the most expensive. I do have a PC capable of using one but I’m not as keen as spending a bajillion dollars on a fancy VR face dongle.

Anyone have experience with any of these 3 I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and feedback, both good and bad, no wrong answers I’m just trying to get info to make the most informed decision.

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Phone headsets are pretty much dead and a thing of the past. Don’t go down this route, it’s not worth a single cent.

Can you explain this a bit more? I don’t really understand, what you mean by more limiting. It’s definitely not as limited as the phone ones. You have much for software on the Quest and a much higher quality. The Quest 2 is pretty powerful with the new Qualcom chip set. You can also use the Quest 2 as a PC VR headset, since it has link.

It’s not that expensive. The G2 is 600. But has a much higher quality then the Quest 2. The G2 has currently the best display. People also forget about the importance of audio. The Quest’s 2 audio is pretty poor. The G2 uses the same as the index, which is a high quality and provides amazing sound. If you want the Quest 2 to get better, you need some accessoires (better headstrap, link cable, audio) and then you are not that far away from 600.

Overall the Quest 2 is probably the best headset for you. You have a strong PC, so you can use link and use the Quest 2 as a PC VR headset as well. And it’s also not that expensive, as the G2 or the Index. But be aware, that a Facebook account is mandatory to use the Quest 2.

I have a PC Based Headset and can say it plays videos quite good. The setup takes some time if you have to plug in all the cables every time but I realy dont care about that. I am not using it for games very often but have to possibility any time if a nice game pops up.

I have tried to play VR videos on my mobile phone but it’s just not fast enought or the resolution was too hight^^

If I would buy a new or another one I would maybe go for a wireless solution if they can manage to raise the battery time. Recharging devices all the time is something I realy dont like.

Just for funsies, what would be the ideal pc vr headset?

I agree with @Lucifie. I’ve had PC Based for almost 2 years and would do the same if I started over. I started on an iPhone initially and when I switched to an Oculus it wasn’t even close.

I can tell you that the best option is indeed the purchase of a quest 2.
I started with a smartphone headset and I’ve been on the oculus for a few months now and it has nothing to do with that!
The quality is spectacular if you take the pain to select videos with resolutions of 5k minimum. There is no grid effect like there was on the first oculus.
I now use the combination oculus/the handy/slr app and it’s amazing! Especially with the excellent scripts you can find on this site.

Resolution at least 2160 x 2160 per eye (G2)
180° fov vertical (not there yet)
210° fov horizontal (Star VR)
Amoled / Oled display (Star VR)
Edge to edge clarity (not there yet)
Perfect inside out tracking (not there yet)
Optional outside inside tracking (not there yet, but best tracking comes with valve’s lighthouse)
Being standalone and PC VR at the same time (not there yet)
Optional wireless (Vive Pro, Deca Gear)
Eye tracking (Star VR)
Facial tracking (Deca Gear)
Index like controllers with full finger tracking (Index controllers)
Can use hand tracking as well (Quest 2, but needs improvement)
Full body tracking (kinda there with the Vive trackers, may get better with Deca move)
High quality audio (Index, G2)
144 hertz (Index)
Really comfortable and light, so you can wear it for hours (not there yet, G2 best currently)
Way smaller, than the current headsets (not there yet)
Optional AR use (not there yet, I think. Only prototypes)
Price around 500 - 600 (G2 price range)

A lot of stuff to do for the future and it will take years, until we get the “perfect” headset. I hope the market grows. VR is such a great and interesting technology.

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I can save you some time… you want a quest 2, it’s the most user friendly and versatile headset at the best price. You get the most bang for your buck.

If one of the most expensive VR headsets was for you, you would already know more about them before making this post, and they would give a marginally better experience at best, and possibly a worse one depending on the aspect we are talking about.

Just get a quest 2, it’s $300 and it’s wireless, it’s everything you need.

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Quest 2. Stop looking, go buy.

I didn’t realize this was a thing with the new Quest, with all the buzz from everyone else about the quest 2 as well it looks like this seems to be a really good option, I’ll have to look more closely into it.

As much as I really, really hate Facebook and am utterly miserable about how they are taking over the industry that I love (I’m primarily a VR dev as my day job), the Quest 2 the only realistic option for 99% of people.

There are basically only three serious PC-based headsets in the market right now. Vive Pro (which has been out for ages and is now quite outdated), Reverb G2 (which I haven’t used but is apparently very good) and Index (which is expensive, but is the best all-round headset right now).

The Quest costs less than half of the cheapest of these three (the G2), is perhaps 70% as good as a PC headset and can be used standalone without a PC, which is substantially better for things like watching VR videos and running simple apps.

There really isn’t any other serious option unless you’re a serious enthusiast, in which case it comes down to G2 vs Index, depending on what your particular priorities are. I own an Index, but I also own a Quest.


@defucilis has a really good answer and perfect summary and nails it on the head

If cost is not a big issue, then Index is best all around = if true smooth video (60->120hz - which is underrated imo) and bigger FOV and being wired to your pc for quicker instant nonstop access to your likely massive growing vr porn library is more important - then I would definitely go with Index - but then you need basestations/controllers, which bump up the price too

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How does funscripted style content for the fleshlight launch work with the Quest 2?

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Wow this is an amazing in depth guide thank you.

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Just to follow up I appreciate all the advice. I got a Quest 2 and I was suprised how much of a game changer it was.
Maybe I was just lucky and picked some good pov style VR videos but it was just on a whole separate level I don’t think I could go back to non-vr.


go and get a quest 2, the best you can get today.

Hm … then I have to start saving money for Quest 2.