Going to try and post two scripts

so, as i said in last post i have been working on LOTS. finally have two (well, three, but i can’t find the video any longer for one…). i’ll try and figure out how to post. any feedback would be GREAT!
a little info on both:

  1. i made them with JFS
  2. tested and played them with ScriptPlayer…if you guys use a better or different player let me know
  3. the only settings i changed on the player was timing. i don’t know if this even makes a difference but here are my timing settings. +225 ms, +166 min command delay. If anyone has any suggestions for the timing for optimal performance, let me know
  4. i don’t think i changed the speed but here are the settings: speed 20-95, speed multiplier x2
  5. all in all i think they turned out quite nicely. the strokes (esp. for the MOMPOV) are synced pretty spot on. i might have increased the stroke lengths but i wasn’t sure of the limits of the launch
    and finally…
  6. had a lot of fun making them and TESTING THEM OUT!

again, i am going to try and figure out how to post…hopefully not too difficult

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well, i can’t figure it out. can someone get back with me and help out. i really want to share the scripts. one is cassie cage and sindel futa the other was a request MOMPOV FIONA PMV

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to add your script file to a post, drag the file into the editor text box.

If you’ve got 2 complete scripts, ideally you create one topic per script in #scripts:free-scripts, though just 1 topic could also work. If you also want to request feedback, make another topic in #script-feedback that links to your scripts.

If these are work in progress scripts, you could make just one topic in #script-feedback

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oh…thanks, hugecat…yeah, i was gonna make two topics…i didn’t know i could just drag them in…i’ll try again


well, i tried…i am sure it isn’t posted correctly and optimally…i’ll wait for further suggestions after posting the other

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