Good devices alternatives to Keon or the Handy? Any on Aliexpress?

Hello, im curious if your using any alternative “cheap” devices buyable at Aliexpress.

I keep on lookimg for them on Google but dont find any really inexpensive

Thanks for replying

Sorry to tell you that mate, but good toys aren’t usually very cheap and if you find any, I bet they won’t last very long and that they probably won’t work very well to use with scripts if they can. I think you should save some money and buy either one of them. There are also often deals and sales for these two devices so you should also probably wait for those. Trust me, it’s worth the investment. It’ll last for a long time and shouldn’t give you any trouble over time. That’s my opinion anyway. If you find anything I’m quite curious how it’ll work out.

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Doesn’t seem like a great idea to get something cheap from Ali, with potentially dodgy electronics and fast moving hard bits, to use on your soft bits.

Well if the handy for 150€ is to expensive, or the keon for about 200… than you need… your hand :wink:

Really, there are no devices like that for less money… if so, they sure are trash and wasted money anyways.

Its not really a “cheap” thing to build such devices that have good and lasting servos and good bluetooth or other connection that works well.

The handy is the cheapest solution so far that is worth it. And the sleeves are not that expensive either.

And for Aliexpress… i cant rember that i bought anything there that wasnt a waste of money afterwards.

And on top of that, those maybe cheaper devices arent supported by any software anyways, so they are not interactive…

To make it short, there are no alternatives. Only the OSR which is of course way more expensive. The cheapest solution is the Handy, followed by Keon… those work very fine, near to none hiccups and are supported by the most common players and software… to search for alternatives will get you nowhere, only to waste money for nothing.

Hello, thanks for your replies, after I did some research I got to the same conclusion. Thanks for your answers!

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