Good software for shortening VR

Hello all,

I’m looking for a good software for shortening VR movies without reducing the quality time.
I try to make a compliment of different films, for example: Removing the opening title and removing the ending of the film.
I tried with “Movavi Video Converter Premium 2022”. That’s a nice program, but if I write that film away, there is a lot of quality loss. I have tried different settings but in VR (Quest) I see a lot of quality loss.
I also tried “VideoSolo Video Cutter”, but it doesn’t have a timeline bar in it and it’s hard to find the right moment where I want to cut in the movie.

What software do you use for this kind of work? and what software do you recommend?
And/or is there some scripting software here on the site that does that job well too? (this will be the best solution because I can immediately make a Funscript of the film)

Try Windows Photos app, it’s loseless and pretty straightforward to use. Just remember to open a video with “Photos” (not “Films & TV”!!!) and there is a trim button at the top somewhere. Once you are done just save the clip and it will create a clipped copy of the video.


Super. I will try

I personally use Avidemux to create clips. As for ones that creates matching scripts, JoyFunScripter should do that, but it rarely works for me for some reason. Sometimes it’ll create the funscript with the new clip, but most of the time it doesn’t. Not entirely sure why or if it’s just an issue for me and not everyone else.

will have to try Windows photos app - who would have thunk :slightly_smiling_face:

So far lossless cut has worked pretty well for me.

If anyone is looking for a command line based one liner and they have ffmpeg setup:

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -ss 00:01:00 -to 00:02:00 -c copy output.mp4

-i input.mp4 → Name of the input file
-ss 00:01:00 → Starting point of the clip (HH:MM:SS format)
-to 00:02:00 → End point of the clip (HH:MM:SS format)

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