Good Tip for using the handy's standard sleeve

Dunno who needs this advice (well, me from two days ago did), but while using the handy with the default silicon, make sure to pinch the head of it before your insert so it creates a vacuum and the textures on the top half of the thing sticks to your stick rather than creating a balloon and never do much. That is all.


Indeed good tip, that’s what I did in the beginning.
But if you squeeze too much air out of the sleeve before you go in, you have a good chance that the sleeve will come loose in the holder when it goes up during the action, because the sleeve is almost completely squeezed shut. (vacuum)

But now I have found a better solution for myself…
I made a small hole in the top, so the air can always go in and out and you don’t get a balloon, but also no pinched top with the risk of coming loose. :+1:

An extra advantage is that I can easily & quickly add extra lubricant through that hole when necessary. :love_you_gesture:

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I have to admit when my handy arrived I was kinda sleeping on the original sleeve and not using it until one day I tried it out and realized its not bad and clean up is absurdly easy which is a huge factor for me when choosing sleeves.

I agree, easiest clean up of any sleeve I have used.

Indeed, cleaning is simple and fast, also important to me, but feeling is the most important…

For me, the original sleeve is still the best for now. Especially because it is so thin that you can feel the strap around your penis, so it looks more like something is grabbing you. You also feel the movement better because the tension on the strap moves from top to bottom…
This makes handjobs in particular much more realistic which I really like, but riding or sucking are also good.

What I also always see is that most people place the handy approximately straight on the penis, so at a 90° angle from the belly…
I always tilt the handy slightly towards the stomach, so a smaller angle like 75° to 60° or something… I have found that for me that makes a big difference in experience. Mainly in a lying position which I always do.
If you haven’t tried that yet, you definitely should. :+1:

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putting in a moderate amount of lube and then squeezing out alot of the air before sliding it on your dick so it sucks itself on and then strapping it nice and snug in the handy works great for me.

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