Google cardboard sync with osr2

Any thoughts on if this is possible. I’m a cheapo and don’t have oculus yet, but I do have Google cardboard and a 3d printer.

FWIW: I use home theater VR [paid for, not expensive - takes away the every 10 mins ad’s] on my phone to play videos thru a GEAR VR, bought not realising using the Oculus side of it has pretty much been mothballed. I use that in conjunction with the Handy and the handy video player via PC. I’d use scriptplayer but I’m using windows 8.1 still. I just sync the script by hand, takes me a few minutes but when I get it spot on, the magic happens. Having a hamshank sesh has become such a faff ritual anyway might as well make it more of one and add even more BS to the already convoluted mess that is me getting my rocks off.

Haha I suppose I could do that and just sync the video manually, but I was hoping for something a bit more accurate haha

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