Google Pay Changes and RealSync

With the change to Gpay, there’s no real way to make a purchase at RealSync anymore without using bitcoin right?

That’s a tough spot to be in as I’m not really in favor of wasting my bitcoin on scripts. It feels like buying a candy bar in stocks lol.

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You still can, but you have to use the mobile app instead. And Litecoin purchases have been added via Coinbase commerce, it’s much faster than Bitcoin. I’ll mention @Evernessince just in case.

We’ll still be accepting Google pay for gift cards.

The only difference is you’ll be using the following QR code to send money via the phone app instead of typing an address in your browser.

Clipboard Image

I don’t know why google is making this change as IMO the current browser version of google pay is more convenient and doesn’t require an app install.


Ah thank you! That is most hopeful.

I must confess to leaving some rage-quit feedback for google to that effect haha.


Yeah, I really hope they don’t follow this trend for their other apps like google sheets. It’s nice to have access to apps across all my devices.