Got a Vorze A10 piston SA and it is not charging anymore

I have bought an A10 piston SA from ToyDemon and after using it for about a week, it no longer charging appropriately. After plugging in the usb-c, the on/off button flashes green, but even after charging for several hours, when the cable is removed and the on/off button is pressed, it glows green and shuts off automatically after rought 3 seconds. I have also tested the cable and plug by using another device to make sure that it is not a cable and/or plug issue.

Is this a common problem for the Vorze A10 piston S and how can I fix this?

Mine just stopped working, got it in sep through amazon. might tear it open to look at the parts and see what the issue is.

so got to the battery and discovered 3 things.
-the batteries are hooked up to a custom microcontroller which manages powering the unit.
-the batteries themselves have power (tested this with a small motor I have lying around and it does spin when connected to the ends of the batteries themselves.
-the charger port is a separate piece about half the size of a pinky.

since the batteries themselves do have power, that means only one possible conclusion. the microcontroller is fudged and is either shut down due to some sort of “Safety feature” no one is told about. or it genuinely believes it is out of battery.

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