Gots a question

Will a Launch stay charged if remaining connected to a power source? Thinking of tackling that 7 hour CH… :wink:

The launch can’t be used while plugged in, sadly

yeah. i thought so. thanks. :slightly_frowning_face:

7hour CH?! got a link? hehe

it’s on here. look for @Schorsche . it is the CH island 4-full version. to my understanding, you have to use handycontrol to play it because it is SO LONG. scriptplayer won’t download it all…or something like that. i might be wrong. if you figure it out, PLEASE let me know. :smiley:

ok so I tried the CH Island 4 full version.

downloaded this video:

and added Cock Hero - Island 4 - Full Version voll.funscript (2.0 MB)

connected Handy ( firmware version - 2.13.0 ) to Scriptplayer ( version 1.1.1 ) dropped the video into scriptplayer with matching funscript and went to get a drink, when i got back ( 5min tops ) and pressed play, handy started moving, so i assume it should for the full almost 7hours lol


maybe that’s the key. it just might take a while for handy to download the script. i’ll give it a spin later. well…there goes MY saturday.
much thanks.

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