Guide To Easily Add Automatic Ball Play With The Handy (With Illustration)

I have been experimenting with adding ball play to a handy session and have come up with something both easy and amazing. I may have to do this every time from now on. It works with any script you can think of because it makes the handy do the work of playing with your balls as well as the shaft.

What You Need

  1. An extra large, loose, thin rubber band. (alternatively you can use two large/medium loose, thin rubber bands tied together in a figure 8. I personally use these
  2. Your Handy

How To Do It
Take a large, thin and loose rubber band and place it over the top of the handy by the area where it attaches the velcro around your stroking device. This is where the top of the band will rest.

Then twist the band to make it into a figure 8 with the top loop around the joint where the stroker attaches, then twist just below it, and insert your balls into the lower loop. This should not be very tight, It is not meant to squeeze your balls at all or cut off any blood flow. The bottom of the band should just be loosely sitting beneath your sack for this to work safely and easily.

Now, start your script(s). The motion of the handy should lift/lightly tug on your sack with each of the motions. The loose/thin band is important not only to make sure you don’t restrict any blood flow, but to absorb some of the stroking motion. The result is a much smaller motion on your sack compared to your shaft. For example, during slower strokes, it feels like a caress as if your girl was playing with your balls during a blowjob or reaching back to touch them in doggystyle. During faster strokes, it feels like your balls slapping against your girl during rough full strokes, It is pretty crazy how much different this is from the base handy usage.

You can even adjust how much ball play you want by switching from normal orientation (handy in front of penis) where the lower loop is around the shaft and balls to holding/mounting it in a reverse position (penis in front of handy unit) where the band is only holding the balls. See the illustration for what I mean. My most common setup is in reverse position.

Disclaimer: Attempt at your own risk. While if followed correctly and using loose bands I don’t see how it could cause any harm, It is always possible something could go wrong. I bear no responsibility for anything that happens if you follow this guide. At the very least please do as I recommended and use very large, loose, thin bands if you are going to attempt this. This may work with other strokers if you can find a good spot to hold the band, but I have not tried it on them.

Let me know if you liked my guide, and for a plug, this works great with all my scripts and PMV packs that you can find here :wink::


Very innovative :+1:

I also have a method for including the fellas downstairs, however it requires getting a particular sleeve.
I made a post about this some time ago but a lot of guys didn’t seem to understand, also I didn’t do a very good job of explaining it so I made a demo video.

Basically this sleeve can double as a tongue and I put in cue points on my scripts to signal a position change.

Here is a link to the demo video I made, it features a cucumber as a stunt cock.

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